Big stars are a big business.

Your talent, your creativity and your fame have propelled your success. Whether you’re an entertainer, content creator, or executive – you are your business. It’s even more important for you to have the expertise of business managers with decades of experience who have worked with some of the brightest stars and biggest talents.

Fortune, fame and financial expertise go hand-in-hand.

When it comes to managing your business, our CPAs and financial professionals are your partners, handling all the financial and accounting details large and small. We keep you on track and in control of your business and personal finances. You focus on your success – we will focus on your finances.

Business Management Services

Consider us your one-call, cost-effective business management solution.

Businesses and non-profits, their owners or committees, all face challenges that can divert your focus away from your main goals: business growth or mission sustainability. We help keep you on track and in control – whether your focus is to generate profits and grow your business or achieve your mission while sustaining your organization. Our business management team specializes in services for businesses and non-profits, providing you access to CPAs and financial professionals across a wide array of core areas.

Planning & Forecasting
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Financial planning and reporting; accounting, accounts payable, and reconciliation; cash flow, budgeting, and forecasting.

Operational Support
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Expense management and bill pay; controller services; contract management; financial concierge and comprehensive tax services.

Insurance & Compliance
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Supporting owners and committees in areas like insurance, compliance and entity selection.

Tax Services

It’s not what you make, it’s how much you get to keep.

Whether you are earning locally, nationally, or internationally – we tackle the complexities. Colony’s experienced tax professionals work proactively year-round on your behalf identifying key tax planning opportunities to help minimize your taxes today and in the future.


Oftentimes we say, “focus on your craft, let us manage your business”. With The Colony Group, your team will handle your tax planning and return preparation – for you, your business, or your worldwide tours. We assist with tax compliance in your resident state, other states and other countries in which you operate. In the end, it’s not what you earn, it’s how much of it you keep. We understand that and have built a team of specialists that can handle any tax need that may arise.

Explore Reggie’s Story.

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Tour Accounting

Decades of big-tour experience with a personal touch.

Our business management team has provided business management and tour accounting services to some of the world’s largest grossing concert tours for over three decades. Artists, management and agents have come to rely on our timely advice and accurate reporting.


We’ve lived on tour buses, been in-and-out of hotel rooms, and have a deep understanding of entertainers that travel for months at a time – personally and financially. That background allows us to shape sophisticated tour budgetsreview complex settlements, and quickly reconcile road floats. We work quickly and accurately on accounting for multi-leg toursincome collectionmulti-state payroll services and vendor negotiations – all to keep you doing what you do best.

Royalty & Publishing

Specialized industry knowledge is a requirement.

Whether you are a songwriter, recording artist or producer, we help you maximize the profit from your talent. In the end, you make more when your team can uncover new ways to generate income from your creative genius. With The Colony Group, you have the benefit of experience and perspectives that can extend the income opportunities available to you.

Our business managers specialize in music publishingrecord royalties, and third party accounting. In addition, we routinely liaise with music publishers, record labels, merchandisers, and other licensors. We advocate for you by sourcing new opportunities and striving to help you keep the most of what you make.

Business Management Insights for Entertainers

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