Helping professionals to create lasting wealth.

As an attorney, physician, or other accomplished professional, you have worked hard to build your expertise, your career, and the value of your time. You juggle a busy career with the needs of your family, profession, and community with precious spare time to address your personal financial planning needs. For over 30 years, we have helped professionals gain control over their finances with the goal to create lasting wealth.

Depth & Experience

It takes unique experience to advise those in unique fields.

We bring decades of collective experience and specialized knowledge in helping attorneys, physicians and other professionals navigate the complexities inherent to their fields. Many of our advisors were once practicing attorneys, CPAs and other professionals and understand the unique financial issues that come with your profession. They apply their deep understanding of tax and estate laws, coupled with an ability to analyze compen­sation structures and assess risk, to deliver the advice and expertise you require at each stage of your career.

Early Career
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We help you set goals and implement savings and investment strategies. We also can review compensation agreements, expenses and cash flow, help develop loan repayment strategies and begin tax and estate planning.

Mid-and-Late Career
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As you build wealth we help you with sophisticated tax planning and asset protection; healthcare, succession and education planning; charitable giving and help to plan for post-career transition.

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We help you re-evaluate your goals in retirement and update your investment plan or liquidation strategy. Additionally, we can help you with income replacement, social security, and medicare strategies while you transition your finances post-career.

Explore Dan’s Story.

Growing his practice left Dan with little time to plan strategically for his life now and retirement in the future. He wanted a team to lead the way. Read more.

Strategic, Personal Planning

Create Your Path To Enjoying Life

Our goal is to give you confidence that you are making intelligent decisions today and throughout your career. It requires a team with the depth of expertise to guide you toward a fulfilling life, lived on your terms. To that end, we begin a dialogue about your family values and goals in life and how to best to align those with opportunities in your financial world.

We apply our insight and knowledge to your investment strategy, design a cash flow plan to manage your income and estimated tax payments, maximize your tax savings, and balance debt repayment with other plans for your life now and for your retirement. You can achieve more with the right advice.

Insights for Professionals

Your finances can be complex as a professional.
Let's simplify things.

We’re excited to discuss how we can help get you ready for retirement and beyond.