Her Wealth® by Colony

A core passion and initiative of The Colony Group, we empower women with the financial resources and confidence to take control of their wealth. We believe we are uniquely qualified to lead the conversation and spearhead the transformation when it comes to women and their wealth.


Her Wealth® Inspires Confidence

When women are empowered with financial knowledge, they are more confident creators and stewards of their wealth. Our articles, guides, and resources provide the important information you seek to be in control of your finances.

Access To A Community

Her Wealth® Builds Connections

Intelligent, savvy, and dynamic women are part of our Her Wealth® community as clients, collaborators and champions. We connect through small gatherings and larger events— all designed to spark conversations and build relationships. We create an environment where you can fearlessly ask questions and grow your financial knowledge.

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Advancing Women

It’s not enough to change the financial conversation. We want to change the financial industry.

Each year, Her Wealth® awards a $2,500 merit-based scholarship to an eligible undergraduate woman entering her junior or senior year and studying to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Public Accountant (CPA). We invest in the future of young women. This is one investment that will always appreciate in value.

Please check back in January 2022 to be considered for our Her Wealth® 2022 scholarship.

Meet Katrina Letter, Colony's 2019 Her Wealth Scholarship recipient.

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Ready to take control of your wealth?

Taking control of your financial world is easier than you think, especially with a powerful network of female advisors that have navigated this road before.