Net Positive Pledge

The Colony Group Net Positive Pledge

The Colony Group launched its Net Positive Pledge in May 2022 as an important step toward implementing its vision and strategic plan to be a sustainable, enduring enterprise. The resulting pledge and principles were identified after many months of research and work by a committee of Colony colleagues and a company-wide survey that made our pledge a reality. 

Our Pledge: We will be a net positive company, giving more to the world than we take.

We will be a stakeholder company committed to improving the wellbeing of everyone we impact, including our clients, employees, communities, business partners, industry, investors, and planet.  

Our path to becoming net positive while thriving as a business incorporates four main elements:

The following aspirational principles build on the net positive concept and include specific goals.



We will:

  1. Be a diverse and inclusive company and promote these values in all our business activities. 
  2. Strive to ensure equal opportunities and fairness for all our team members. 
  3. Provide an employment experience that fosters wellness through livable and attractive wages and benefits, as well as lifelong growth opportunities. 


We will:

  1. Seek to eliminate our waste by transitioning to sustainable forms of consumption, reusing materials and recycling. 
  2. Work to reduce our greenhouse gas impact through internal and external strategies with the goal of reaching net-zero emissions.


We will:

  1. Enable, empower, and expect our teams to partner with local communities in ongoing initiatives to tackle important systemic challenges.
  2.  Make a meaningful financial commitment to philanthropy each year.
  3.  Support broader financial literacy and inclusion in partnership with our communities.


We will:

  1. Commit to ensuring all clients have access to sustainable investment solutions.
  2. Support our clients in living purposeful, sustainable lives consistent with their individual values. 
* The Colony Group’s “Net Positive Pledge” is a summary statement of Colony’s goals and priorities for the long-term and is both continual and aspirational in nature.  As such, this is a forward-looking presentation and should not be the sole basis for engaging or continuing to engage Colony for investment advisory or other services. Colony recognizes the inherent limitations and issues with forward-looking projections and that economic, market, regulatory, political, and other factors could impact its progress in achieving the goals set out above. Dated June 1, 2022.

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