You’re becoming a business. Are you managing your money like a business would?

The world’s greatest athletes and entertainers face a common reality: they come into fame and fortune, sometimes prepared but many times not. At each stage of your career, things are changing. Will you know how to be smart with your money? Will you keep more of what you earn in contracts or on tour? Will you be ready for new opportunities or to retirement someday?

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Managing Sudden Wealth

Reggie had worked hard to perfect his craft. He was now seen as a top talent and was offered his first big contract. He wanted to manage his money wisely, to preserve what he could, but managing his income and finances were new to him. He had to establish his credit. He also had family and friends seeking support, all with competing interests. He needed an objective, long-term financial plan to ensure it wouldn’t be lost early in his career.
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A Career Evolving

His fiancé and son would need a home and he wanted the expensive car and other luxuries that he could now afford. He needed to understand the financing options, project his cash flow and set sound budgets, and he needed help with the details, such as paying bills.
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Thinking Ahead

He had longer-term questions too and pondered the choices he’d face later in his career. How might any future endorsements be taxed? How would he start the foundation he dreamt about? His advisor and business manager would help guide him in his ambitions, and by monitoring and evaluating his income and expenses, help him to preserve wealth for the future.

New Directions & New Opportunities

Eventually, Reggie would be ready for new career opportunities and settle his family in a permanent location. He wanted his kids to have the opportunity to go to top schools. His advisor would need the experience adjusting spending limits, limiting his taxes and managing income opportunities in royalties and licensing. They would be able to review personal appearance agreements and guide him in his contract negotiation as a media personality.
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A Future With His Family

His family would be patient for many years as his career took shape. He wanted to be sure they would all enjoy the life his wealth could bring: a vacation home, taking trips to explore the world together, and saving for college. The time would be right to be very present in his foundation too, splitting his time between his family and his passions. His Team would know how to get him here.
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This illustration is not an actual client experience. See important other disclosures about this illustration.

Business Management: Athletes

It took discipline and the right team surrounding you to make it to the pros. It will require that same discipline and another experienced business management team to maximize your wealth during and after your playing days.

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Business Management: Entertainers

Whether you’re an entertainer or influencer it’s important for you to have the expertise of business managers with decades of experience who have worked with some of the brightest stars and biggest talents.

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