When conflicts arise, finding common ground is critical.

Over the course of your personal and professional lives, you are likely to experience at least one dispute involving financial issues. As experts in conflict resolution, we work with individuals, lawyers, and closely-held businesses to minimize the financial and emotional cost of finding a satisfactory solution. You can count on us to help you find the common ground that allows you to feel comfortable agreeing to terms and moving on. 

Divorce dispute resolution

Supporting you and maintaining family relationships.

Divorce-related disputes require considerable skill and experience to avoid causing irreparable harm to family relationships. After all, more than money is at risk; the collateral damage of contentious disputes can have long-lasting unintended consequences for your family, especially for your children.

We can work with you individually or as a couple to help defuse disputes and arrive at an equitable solution. By thoroughly analyzing your financial situation, we can provide clarity about your circumstances when you divorce, and offer options that will assist you in making informed decisions.

Attorneys and mediators have come to rely on our deep experience, training and interpersonal skills to create an atmosphere that is conducive to helping their clients resolve their dispute.



  • Accounting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Income and Asset Division Scenarios
  • Tax Impact Assessment
  • Valuation of Assets
  • Disposition or Reallocation of Assets
  • Risk Assessment
  • Financial Impact Projections

Family Dispute Resolution

Offering objective judgement to help preserve family connections.

Life-changing events often trigger contentious issues in families. The deterioration of the mental or physical health of a parent can lead to disagreements about how to manage the ongoing family finances. Sibling disagreements over inheritances, particularly joint ownership of assets, are all too common.

We apply both skill and discernment to help families overcome impasses, improve objectivity and transparency, and work proactively with them to help avoid arrangements that could lead to future tensions in family relationships.


Helping all parties collectively understand and agree.

It’s not uncommon for family business owners to have very different personal goals or objectives from those of the business in which they are the owner. This is even more the case when ownership is transferred to subsequent generations. When parties become deadlocked in the running of a business, there is a heightened risk of it failing.

We can help to create a common understanding of how the business meets the objectives of the owners, advise on financial issues and tax consequences associated with owning the business, and educate the next generation of owners to act as good stewards.

Mediation icon

Families, businesses, their lawyers, and other professional advisors have come to trust our expertise and guidance when financial issues are complex or become burdensome during the mediation process. When financial issues prevent the parties from reaching a resolution, our neutral, objective advice as financial advisors and trained mediators can help move the process forward.


Collaborative dispute resolution attempts to resolve family and business disputes in a non-litigated setting. In our neutral capacity, we are engaged by clients to participate in the collaborative process as the financial neutral advisor to help all parties understand the issues involved, overcome roadblocks, and attain positive outcomes.

Expert Testimony
Expert Testimony icon

When financial disputes lead to litigation, lawyers can rely on our expert testimony on matters such as: financial status of the marriage or family business, needs and financial position of the clients, lifestyle and income analysis, income and asset division, financial and tax impacts of proposed settlements, or risks associated with proposed settlement options.

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