Amir Malek, CPA

Managing Director

Los Angeles, CA

Amir Malek, Managing Director at The Colony Group, brings over 20 years of experience and works closely with some of the industry’s top musicians, writers, TV and film executives, actors, TV personalities, song writers, internet personalities and high-net-worth individuals. As the executive business manager for his diverse clients, Amir strives to deliver remarkable service as he supervises the daily financial affairs and business activities of each client. He works closely with his clients’ talent and financial teams to meet their short-and-long-term financial objectives.

Prior to merging with The Colony Group in 2019, Amir was a partner at Glass Malek LLP, a business management firm specializing in the entertainment industry. Formerly, he was the founding partner of a prominent Los Angeles business management firm in the entertainment industry.

Amir has been listed as one of Variety’s Business Managers Elite*.

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