Families with significant wealth face complexities that transcend their generation.

As a family of significant wealth, you have ideals and goals that you want to live by and achieve. These evolve over time as your family dynamic changes, but one thing is ever constant: a comprehensive, lasting vision for your future that will engage and sustain each generation as you all pursue lives filled with purpose. Insight and guidance from a team that champions your values is the keystone to sustainable wealth and fulfillment across many generations.

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A Dream Fulfilled

Stu and Valerie have always focused on three things: self-sufficiency, family, and community. A decade ago, Stu sold his business to a public company. Since the sale, they have been devoting themselves to actively grandparenting on two coasts, golf, and leadership positions with several charities.

Perpetuating Family Values

They know they are truly blessed, but after recent meetings with their lawyer, broker, and accountant, their heads were spinning. They were advised that to protect their substantial wealth for future generations from estate taxes, they should each make gifts of more than $10 million. This felt completely contrary to the family values. What would the impact be to their children and grandchildren?

An Integrated Approach

The large concentrated stock position they still hold from the business sale has created enormous investment risk for the family. However, selling the stock will create a huge capital gains tax. Having two homes could also create income and estate tax issues. They need a wealth management plan that’s integrated with their investment, tax and estate plans.

Simplifying the Complex

Over the years, they have funded trusts for family members that require more oversight and management. The many intricacies of each trust were beginning to consume them. They needed to find a team that would help their family manage this complexity the right way.

A Family Partner

Stu and Valerie want a team that can lead their existing financial professionals and develop a comprehensive multi-generational wealth strategy. This will be the framework to preserve their family legacy well into the future. Their new partner would understand this and be their guide for years to come.

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