Navigating the intersection between wealth and family values.

A family’s legacy is measured more by its values and the inclusion of each generation than by its material wealth. The end goal is a unified family, aligned by common vision and valuesWe are here to help you envision and create a lasting impact that will be shared by your family for generations. 

Multigenerational Planning

Real wealth lies in the ability to enjoy it, together.

Many families struggle with how and when to have conversations about money and wealth. These topics can stir-up emotions and raise issues among family members that can be difficult to manage. Our team can facilitate meetings and conversations so that family members from each generation feel included, understood and valued throughout the process.

A team that can extend multi-generational wealth

How do you begin a conversation with your children and grandchildren about your values and wealth? It starts with a team that has decades of experience in leading family conversations.

Estate planning

Weaving intention and thought into your wealth.

Your success and the wealth you’ve created did not happen by accident. Like building your wealth, how you choose to express your values and pass it on to family is an intentional process.

Our knowledgeable professionals are experienced at navigating the ins and outs of estate planning and recommending the estate strategies needed to protect your wealth — or protect you, your children, and your grandchildren against potential pitfalls, such as divorce, dependency, or the inexperience of heirs.

We will:


  • Review your existing documents, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and others.
  • Recommend estate, gift, and charitable planning strategies and communicate the plan to those who will be impacted.
  • Seek to minimize the tax impact of wealth transfer while maximizing the benefits to your chosen heirs or charities.

Philanthropic planning

Giving meaning to your wealth for generations to come.

Philanthropy is how you express the lasting impact you want to have on the causes you care about now and in the future. It can strengthen family relationships and create a common language between generations.

With our guidance, you can create gifting and estate strategies through which your legacy will live on long after you’re gone. Working with your attorney, we’ll illustrate charitable gifting options and vehicles available to you while taking advantage of tax efficiencies when possible.

Family & Legacy Insights

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