The potential of your wealth is in the strength of your team.

Creating an enduring wealth management plan for you and your family encompasses more than managing money. It’s not an event. It goes well beyond performance and requires an ongoing relationship and a focus across your entire life. Only a team of talented financial professionals who know you and are invested in your success can assist in protecting and preserving your wealth.

Our goal is simple: Help you achieve your life's goals.

From the first time we meet through conversations years from now, we build and implement your plan, offer ideas and solutions to grow your wealth, and execute all of the details to help achieve your life’s purpose. Life is always changing and requires many perspectives to guide you and deliver insightful advice.

Advisors Focused On You

An intimate relationship. An integrated approach.

Achieving optimal outcomes for you depends on how well each piece of your plan is designed and executed. We focus on giving you the insight to understand how decisions to oftentimes complex questions are interrelated. Your advisor and their team will analyze and develop your personal plan around the specific facets of your wealth — reassessing and refining it over time so that it remains aligned with your aspirations as you build, enjoy, and consider all the possibilities of your wealth.

Prioritizing your best interests

You can count on objective advice.

We take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously and work on a fee-only basis. You can be confident that your best interests are our highest priority. Our goal is to build a trusted, long-term relationship that serves all of your financial needs now and in the years to come. With The Colony Group, your best interests are first, guided by a team that offers transparent advisory fees and investment expenses.

Focused on what matters

Achieve financial independence on your terms.

Some define financial independence as securing a comfortable retirement. Others want the option to retire to pursue other passions in life. Both require a solid plan driven by a team that shares your vision and has the expertise to help get you there. We’re ready to discover what’s possible when you are.

Wealth Management Insights

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Can I expect more than financial advice from my financial advisor?

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Low Interest Rates Offer Opportunities To Pass More Wealth to Future Generations

Good news remains elusive these days, but low interest rates may be the good news we need right now. The low rate environment offers several opportunities to pass significant wealth down to multiple generations without eating into the annual gift exclusion or your lifetime gift or GST exemption, while...

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