Business owners know what it takes to build something from the ground up.

For years you have been doing well. You have grown your business to a much larger, successful operation. You’ve balanced hustle and determination, your professional ambitions, and providing for your family.

The Colony Group is built so that, as your perspective changes, our ability to support you never will.

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A Perspective Changed

Sue spent 25 years building a successful business, but things were changing. Her kids now had kids, she recently lost a close friend to cancer, and her priorities were shifting.

Preparing to Sell

Sue was ready to move to the next stage in life. Her management team was strong, the industry was embracing new technologies and she had received unsolicited indications of interest. But, where to start?
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Planning For The Future

She needed to ensure she would have enough cash flow to live comfortably, to meet life’s deferred goals. She wanted to leave a legacy for her children and philanthropic passions. She wanted a partner to guide her in managing her wealth.
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Maximizing The Transaction

Sue needed a team that could navigate the economics of the sale and help her plan for her family’s life after the sale too. A team that would consider the right tax strategies and be prepared to engage her family long term.
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A Lifelong Partner

Sue, like many business owners, enjoyed the benefits of having a long-term relationship with her transaction team as they uncovered opportunities for her new wealth, helped her focus her creative energy on new goals, and helped to manage her family's wealth for generations to come.
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This illustration is not an actual client experience. See important other disclosures about this illustration.

Business Transition Planning

Selling a business can be a daunting task. Deal structure, tax planning and long-term wealth projections are easier with a team of experts.

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Wealth Management

The Colony Group’s team of talented financial professionals can help build an enduring financial plan that is focused on your entire life and will help protect and preserve your wealth.

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