In my work as an investor and advisor to executives and entrepreneurs at all levels, I have come to learn that their amazing business achievements have not always led to personal financial success for them or their families. This book aims to assist them on their journey. It offers a creative, highly engaging approach to identifying the many obstacles and solutions on the path to financial peace of mind.

Kevin Mohan, JD/MBA

Senior Advisor, Summit Partners and Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

Entrepreneurs and executives often find it difficult to attend to their personal financial lives as they launch and grow their businesses. For anyone who can relate to this very real challenge, consider this your most trusted playbook as you seek to identify and address the key elements of achieving financial peace of mind throughout the pivotal moments of your career and life.

Aaron L. Pullin, CPA

Chief Financial Officer, NS1 and experienced tech entrepreneur

This book is an essential read for all executives and entrepreneurs who want to build, maximize, and protect their wealth and ultimately achieve financial independence. It is presented as a cautionary tale of a professional couple’s financial misfortunes and how applied principles of financial planning can result in a more secure and rewarding financial future. The book offers a multitude of practical planning options, advice, and strategies that are tailored specifically for executives and entrepreneurs who wish to attain their personal goals and financial success.

Carolynn Tomin, CFP®

Director, Boston University Financial Planning Programs

I have always felt that you learn a lot more from failures than you do successes. You figure out quickly with whom you want to be in the foxhole. When it comes to your personal finances and the future well-being of your family, you don’t want to find yourself in the foxhole with the wrong team. I found the information in this book around finding that right team to be particularly helpful.

Scott Roe

Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, VF Corporation

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