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Whether you are considering a new c-suite role or wondering how an acquisition may impact your personal financial goals, we partner with you to consider all the possibilities.


When issues arise, you will be prepared.

Executives face a distinct set of challenges that require a team with the experience and resources in advising them on often complex financial matters. We prepare you to understand the upside and downside of each decision you make – from compensation and benefits to equity incentive and trading plans to tax issues that may arise with unpredictable income.


Corporate Executives

Critical insight for life's biggest decisions, financial and beyond.

We literally wrote the book on financial planning for executives. Drawing on decades of experience, we provide the advice required to find the right solutions for you during the pivotal moments of your career — from negotiating your employment agreement to understanding the structure of your compensation, including short-and long-term incentive plans, and equity grants, to formulating smart tax strategies and architecting the vision of your legacy.

Insights for Execs

Financial planning, especially for executives and entrepreneurs, is complex, dense, and impossible to reduce to a single, easy-to-understand formula. Until now.

Private Company Executives

Complex planning for today and the future.

Whether you are an executive at an established closely-held company or a start-up, managing your compensation requires careful planning. We plan around concentrated positions that could put your financial plan at risk, advise you when and how to exercise your stock options especially ahead of a sale of the company or an IPO, and design a strategic post-liquidity plan including trading plans that consider lock-up periods and other restrictions.

Explore Chris’ Story.

As a busy executive, Chris wanted an experienced team ready to help him uncomplicate the financial challenges that come with a successful career. Read more.

Venture Capital Partners

Matching unpredictability with sound planning.

The fast-paced and demanding private equity and venture capital industries come with the potential for significant wealth accumulation. Complex compensation structures including salary, bonuses, and a share of fund-carried interest bring a unique set of challenges that require the specialized advice and planning we provide.

Unpredictable cash flow, complex taxes and liquidity issues that could affect your family should something happen to you are risks that we help to plan around to minimize surprises and keep you in control.

Let's Chart A Better Path From "Here" To Tomorrrow

Having advised hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs over the years, we know there are multiple considerations and possible paths between “here” and the achievement of your financial goals. By following a fictional couple and their family as they wind through a path of poor financial choices, it will become evident how important well-structured guidance is to achieving positive outcomes.

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Resources for Executives

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