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“Many of our clients have worked with us to align their investments with their values and position their portfolio for greater societal impact.”

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Sustainable Investing: Why is Doing Good For Society Also Good for Investors?

We are delighted to introduce you to the world of Sustainable Investing and the positive impact that is derived when personal values are aligned with investing strategies. These strategies are increasingly getting the attention of traditional investors looking to enhance performance, too.

In this webinar, our advisors, Brian Presti and Marshall Rowe review how the role of a corporation is being re-defined, why corporate responsibility has moved from “nice to have” to “must-have,’ and why the COVID-19 crisis may accelerate these trends.

This webinar addresses:

To learn more about sustainable investing, read our Colony’s Sustainable Investing Newsletter and a thought-provoking article on thematic investing published in Worth Magazine. 

Brian Presti, CFA, Chartered SRI Counselor™, Director of Portfolio Strategy

As the Director of Portfolio Strategy at The Colony Group, Brian assesses macroeconomic, financial market data, and trends to determine appropriate investment opportunities and asset allocation. Brian developed and oversees Colony’s Sustainable Investing offering and is passionate about helping clients align their investments with their values. As a Chartered SRI Counselor™, Brian has the foundational knowledge and expertise in sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing strategies.

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Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owner Services Managing Director, Northern New England

Marshall has over 30 years’ experience advising clients, developing portfolio strategies and analyzing investment opportunities, which he brings to his role as President, Business Owner Services & Managing Director, Northern New England, at The Colony Group. He is co-author of “Your Next Adventure – Planning For Life After The Sale Of Your Business” and has authored numerous articles and frequently speaks on business transition strategies as well as family asset allocation strategy, risk management and private foundation portfolio design.

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