From status quo to sustainable wealth; it's time to transform your investment strategy.

Developing your investment portfolio is one of the most important decisions you can undertake with your advisor and investment team. Your lifestyle now and your future aspirations depend on a strategy designed to give you the highest probability of success. 

Portfolios should reflect a firm's best thinking and, of course, you.

While all investors face the same capital markets, each has their own unique goals, circumstances, and preferences. Whether you prefer individual securities, ETFs, mutual funds or private strategies, we have developed an enhanced open architecture platform that provides you our best ideas for your portfolio.

Investment Strategies

Offering more options to grow and sustain your wealth.

Our investment specialists sift through and evaluate thousands of investment options to find the right solutions for your portfolio. We consider the effect of global macroeconomic events, and for your taxable accounts, we design portfolios with the goal of maximizing your after-tax returns. 

We use our size and scale to negotiate fees and provide you with an array of investment options. Whether this is accessing institutional share classes, aggregating our buying power with separate account managers, or developing relationships that give us access to differentiated investment strategies, we are always working for you.


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Seasoned Leadership & Original Insight

Our experienced investment teams develop customized investment strategies for private clients, corporations, foundations, retirement accounts, profit-sharing plans and pension accounts. They frequently are selected to analyze and explain the markets on various media outlets and provide analysis around the ever-changing economic and political landscape.

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Skills & Experience

A deep bench of investment specialists working for you.

The Colony Group has an extensive investment management team dedicated to research, analysis, and portfolio management.  The team’s multi-disciplinary approach and backgrounds – equity research, bond research, portfolio management, asset allocation, and manager selection – gives them broad and deep knowledge when evaluating opportunities for our clients.

Our Investment Management Division is led by our Chief Investment Officer, Chief Investment Strategist, and Chief Market Strategist and supported by our Investment Committee comprised of investment professionals and wealth advisors. Together, they set the course for our clients’ portfolios.

Investment Philosophy & Beliefs

Our core investment philosophy.

The Colony Group tailors an investment portfolio to maximize the probability of achieving our client’s goals and
objectives. Each client has a personalized investment plan that guides our portfolio decisions. Individual client
circumstances inform the investment decisions our advisors make on their behalf. These decisions are all rooted
in a few central tenets.

Fiduciary icon

We seek to forge deep, trusting relationships with clients and always put our clients’ interests, goals, and objectives ahead of our own. Open communication leads to a better understanding of a client’s unique circumstances, fosters a rewarding long-term relationship based on trust, and leads to better outcomes.

Unbiased Collaborative Process
Unbiased Collaborative Process icon

We believe that decisions made by a team of experts leads to favorable results for our clients. Our dedicated investment team combines a deep roster of CFA® charterholders, MBAs, and CMTs, who are supported by robust technology solutions and third-party investment partners. Our unbiased, team-based approach is collaborative and process-driven.

Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation icon

We believe that the primary driver of risk and return is a portfolio’s asset allocation. A portfolio of genuinely diversified investments should minimize drawdowns during periods of market upheaval while maximizing the probability that a portfolio will meet the client’s investment objective. Investments within the portfolio are carefully selected for one or more specific roles, such as generating growth, providing income, preserving capital, and/or hedging against inflation.

Long-term Perspective
Long-term Perspective icon

Our investment decisions are guided by our long-term fundamental outlook. We believe this reduces the probability of a client not achieving their goals and generates wealth through the compounding of investment returns over time.

Extensive Access
Extensive Access icon

We endeavor to enhance portfolios by seeking out uncorrelated and nontraditional investment opportunities that we believe have the potential to generate strong absolute returns over a full market cycle. The Colony Group’s size and scale allow us extensive access and the resources to effectively analyze and allocate to these types of investments on behalf of our clients.

Investment Costs
Investment Costs icon

Investment costs, including fees, taxes, and other expenses, are a drag on investment performance. We strive to minimize the cost of ownership but believe investors should be willing to pay for managers that add value. As a result, we often incorporate both active and passive strategies into our client portfolios. We offer our proprietary strategies as a means for clients to gain access to active management without paying an additional fee.

Opportunistic Investing
Opportunistic Investing icon

Markets can be inefficient, especially at extremes when emotions prevail, and we may seek to take advantage of those pockets of inefficiency when they present themselves. Risk is not the same as volatility; volatility may be high, but risk may not be, when measured against the client’s investment time frame.

Investment Management Insights

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