Attorneys and physicians know retirement planning is complex.

At some point, you have likely managed your own investments as you save for retirement. Your accounts are growing, your risk is increasing, your life simply has more moving parts, and now you’re less confident of the next move. What used to be manageable is now becoming more intricate. What is missing is a team that can create a plan to replace the complications and emotions tied to managing your own finances.

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Maintaining A Lifestyle

Dan has worked hard building a successful career and is devoted to his family. His retirement savings are a substantial part of his family’s wealth. And, as a partner in his firm, managing his cash flow is a priority since his income can vary widely. He wants to be sure he can provide for his family’s needs now and retire with the lifestyle they envision. He knows there must be better opportunities to save and invest, as well as strategies to manage taxes.

Protecting His Family's Future

He's smart. Until now, he’s made his own investment decisions and saw relative success. But the time just wasn’t there anymore to manage it all, and he was becoming unsure of his ability to figure out the ideal investment approach for his growing retirement plan. He wants a partner that will help him invest for market fluctuations and to protect his family’s future.
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Looking Beyond Retirement

As an attorney, he knows that he needs to update his estate plan, but it’s just another task on a long list that that he’ll get to one day. Does he really understand the risks that could derail his family’s lifestyle? Now that the kids are in college, who can he trust to help prepare them to manage their finances and future inheritances?
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One Vision of the Future

Dan had multiple advisors - an accountant, who prepared his taxes and an estate attorney - but they rarely spoke. Missing was the sharing or communicating of one vision. He needs a team looking at his big picture—coordinating one effort; that focuses on smart decisions now and in the future.

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Attorneys, Physicians & Professionals

For over 30 years, we have helped attorneys, physicians, and other accomplished professionals gain control over their finances with the goal to create lasting wealth.

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Wealth Management

The Colony Group’s team of talented financial professionals can help build an enduring financial plan that is focused on your entire life and will help protect and preserve your wealth.

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