Q3 2023 Market Outlook Webinar Recording

For two years, the collective gaze of investors and economists has remained fixated on a monthly assessment of economic conditions and Federal Reserve policy. However, it is crucial for long-term investors to widen their perspective and consider the broader implications that lie further ahead. Our panel explored the following key topics, urging investors to cast their eyes beyond the immediate:

  • Rethinking the 2% inflation target: Even if the Fed reaches its goal, can it sustain it?
  • Evaluating the long-term impact of AI: How might it reshape industries, job markets, and investment opportunities?
  • Navigating long-term energy policies: With policy makers focused on both security and sustainability, where is capital most needed and best deployed?
  • Looking at the other 4,260 U.S. stocks: After a decade of mega-caps overshadowing smaller firms, what does the opportunity look like for a broader set of market leaders