• Episode 25
  • July 20, 2022

Matt Ruff: Power of the Pen

Matt Ruff is a New York Times bestselling author whose work is so compelling that HBO turned it into a highly successful TV series, ‘Lovecraft Country.’ He wrote the best-selling book of the same name on which that show is based.

In fact, he’s the author of multiple books, including Fool on the Hill, Sewer Gas and Electric: The Public Works trilogy. Set This House in Order: A Romance of Souls, Bad Monkeys The Mirage, Lovecraft Country and 88 Names. He’s written other books as well though they are not published, at least not yet. He’s been described as an author of thriller, science fiction and comic novels, but he has said that he doesn’t actually write in the same genre more than once.

More on Matt:

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