• Episode 24
  • June 16, 2022

Marc Buoniconti: Still Undefeated

Marc Buoniconti, author of  ‘Undefeated: From Tragedy To Triumph’ is the son of a Hall Of Fame NFL legend. Like his father and brother he was a feared linebacker whose presence on the field was felt not only by his opponents, but also by his own team.  He went to college at the Citadel where he, again, excelled at football and even managed to exceed the success he had as a player in high school. Things were going well for our guest who was voted the Citadel’s most valuable player, but on October 26th, 1985 in a play against East Tennessee State, he dislocated his neck.

And at the young age of 19 was instantly paralyzed from the shoulders down. In fact, his life was now in grave danger.

But that’s the only the tragedy side of the story. The triumph started around seven months after his injury. When he got himself weaned off the ventilator that was keeping him alive. Despite the longest odds against him, he obviously survived. He is now president of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, co-founded by his famous father and the very doctor who saved his life.

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