You need clarity from and trust in the team helping you achieve your mission.

For endowments, institutions, and non-profits, one simple thing remains abundantly clear: you need to trust the team helping you to sustain your mission. That trust is earned through actions. By having a proven track record as a fiduciary. Serving as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Providing access to leading global resources. Above all, your trusted team must help you balance near-term spending with preserving your mission for future generations.

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Searching For A New Partner

Pam has been the executive director of her community foundation for five years. Over time, frequent communications with the advisor she inherited in her role turned to infrequent phone calls and even fewer meetings. This level of commitment wasn't satisfactory to her or the investment committee.

Mission Sustainability

The board and committee members serve three-year terms, requiring continual education of their fiduciary responsibility. She needed an advisor who was committed to strong fiduciary practices and would keep the committee focused on its responsibility as stewards of the foundation’s funds.

Strategic Planning

The foundation was preparing to make some strategic moves and required increased spending from the investment portfolio to fund key projects. Unfortunately, Pam discovered the advisor had selected investments which could not be easily liquidated. The investment policy statement was outdated and did not reflect their current needs or realistic market projections for growth. The spending policy had not been updated to match long-term strategic planning projects.

Finding a Chief Investment Officer

Pam knew there was a large gift on the horizon with competing views of how to use it. Could she balance a capital improvement project and the long-term goals of her foundation? Were the investment guidelines aligned with the ability to access foundation funds? What about access to socially responsible investments? She needed the responsibilities of an acting outsourced Chief Investment Officer.
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Choosing a Mission-Driven Team

Her goal was to find a mission-driven team that would be a true partner to help them align their investment strategies with their long-term vision to enrich their community. Experience had taught her to also seek expertise in navigating financial crises, industry specific trends, and someone who would be hands-on and engaged throughout their relationship. She needed a partner focused on the long-term that would help grow the foundation’s assets for future generations.

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Investment Advisory & Management

The impact you make now, and in the future, depends on partnering with a team prepared to help you fulfill your higher mission. You need high-value solutions from a team dedicated to proven fiduciary excellence.

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Sustainable Investing Solutions

The Colony Group brings experience that can help individuals and families give generously—through donations, advocacy or volunteerism—to the causes and missions they care most about. 

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