2023 Q1 Market Outlook Webinar Recording

Last year it seemed that investment markets were aligned against investors. As the Fed raised rates at a record-setting pace in modern history, equities posted their worst returns since 2008 and bonds experienced one of the largest drawdowns on record. As we kick off 2023, many investors may be wondering which factors are friends or foes? Join our investment team as they discussed the key issues to watch and what it means for investment portfolios this year:

• The Fed – The Fed was investors’ best friend over the past decade but caused much of the volatility in the markets last year. Will the Fed and the markets mend fences in 2023?
• US and Geopolitics – How will domestic gridlock and the past year’s geopolitical strife impact 2023?
• The Economy – Will a much-anticipated recession materialize in 2023 and what does it mean for equity and bond investors?