Queen Harambee

Client Service Manager

Bethesda, MD

As a Client Service Manager at The Colony Group, Queen is passionate about helping people which is why she excels serving the day-to-day needs of our clients. Efficient and organized, she prepares and executes trades, handles cash management, wire transfers, and other required transactions smoothly and accurately on behalf of our clients. She also reviews quarterly reports, monitors portfolio performances, and prepares client review meetings.

Queen served as a Client Service Associate for Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management prior to merging with The Colony Group in early 2018. She enjoyed her role as their Charitable Ambassador.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Hunter College. After college, she combined her accounting and financial knowledge with her interest in community empowerment to serve nonprofit organizations. She volunteered with the IRS VITA program, where she helped elderly and underprivileged individuals with their taxes. She was an accounting intern at the Rohde Foundation, an international social justice organization that provides healthcare and hope in rural Africa.

Queen has lived in five countries and speaks four languages.