Neda Massoudi

Account Manager

Calabasas, CA
Focus Areas

Business Owners

Client Specialty

Business Management for Entertainers
Business Management for Non-Profits & Companies
Tour Accounting, Royalties & Publishing

Neda currently serves as an Account Manager at Colony, where she manages a diverse range of responsibilities. She oversees client accounts, monitors their financial performance and budgets, and addresses client concerns with effective solutions. Regularly, she provides detailed reports and analyses directly to clients.

Specializing in managing accounts for clients within the entertainment industry and high-net-worth individual investors, Neda offers personalized attention that caters to their distinct needs. Her approach aims to foster strong client relationships and deliver value-added solutions. 

With over 20 years of experience in Business Management, Client Services, Accounting, and Taxation, Neda is a graduate of California State University, Northridge (CSUN) with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Accountancy. She has successfully applied her expertise to benefit numerous businesses and clients, offering tailored solutions and strategic insights. 

Neda finds the most satisfaction in upholding high ethical standards and delivering exceptional results in her work. She is passionate about providing top-tier service and building meaningful client relationships. 

Residing in Los Angeles, Neda cherishes the proximity of her two grown children. In her spare time, she enjoys engaging in handyman activities around the house, particularly carpentry and electrical work, reflecting her love for hands-on projects.