Hasmik Hovsepyan

Account Manager

Calabasas, CA
Focus Areas

Administrative Support
Project Management
Culture Development

Client Specialty

Business Management for Entertainers
Tour Accounting, Royalties & Publishing

Hasmik Hovsepyan is an experienced Account Manager at The Colony Group, boasting eight years of experience in business management. Her expertise lies in working with high-net-worth individuals and their businesses, particularly within the entertainment and touring industries. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and strategic approach, Hasmik has experience effectively managing the complex financial and operational demands of her clients.

Hasmik holds a bachelor’s degree in professional accounting, which provides a solid foundation for her analytical and methodical approach to business management. Her educational background equips her with the skills necessary to navigate the intricate financial landscapes of her clients with precision and insight.

Before her current role at The Colony Group, Hasmik garnered valuable experience at Gelfand Rennert & Feldman LLC, and Perry, Neidorf, & Grassl, LLP. These roles allowed her to develop a deep understanding of the entertainment industry’s financial needs and operational challenges, further refining her expertise in managing the affairs of high-profile clients.

Born and raised in Armenia, Hasmik brings a rich cultural perspective to her professional endeavors. Her upbringing instilled in her a strong work ethic and a global outlook, both of which have been instrumental in her success. Outside of her professional life, Hasmik is an avid traveler. She enjoys exploring new cultures and destinations with her family, a passion that not only enriches her personal life but also broadens her professional perspective and adaptability.

Hasmik’s dedication to her clients and her passion for travel reflect her commitment to both her work and her personal growth. She continues to leverage her background and experiences to provide exceptional service to her clients, assisting in meeting their financial and operational needs with care and expertise.