Adam Birenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Birenbaum

Inspirational Leader
Industry Leader
Strategic Planning
Media Spokesperson


St. Louis Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO)
Past Member of Fidelity’s Advisor Council
Serves on the Financial and Investment Committee for Several Nonprofit Organizations

As Chief Executive Officer of The Colony Group, Buckingham Strategic Wealth and Buckingham Strategic Partners, Adam Birenbaum provides the dedicated, strategic leadership critical to advancing the organization’s position as one of the leading financial firms in the U.S. 

Adam joined The Colony Group in June of 2024 following the organization’s decision to join with Buckingham Strategic Wealth, a wealth management firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Adam joined Buckingham in 2003 and has served as its CEO since 2010. Adam now leads the combined firm forward with a goal to help permanently and positively change the financial planning landscape. Equally important to implementing his progressive vision for the future is his commitment to the collective organization’s enduring legacy.  

Early in his professional life, Adam followed his interest in finance to a job focused on valuations, transactions and restructurings. While he loved the world of finance, he felt he was missing a bigger opportunity to connect with and bring value to the lives of others in a more meaningful way. Upon returning to St. Louis to attend law school, Adam was inspired by the book “The Only Guide to a Winning Investment Strategy You’ll Ever Need” by industry thought leader Larry Swedroe. He tracked down the author’s firm, only to find that his dream job — a better way to work in the world of finance — was right in his own backyard. 

As CEO, Adam leads strategic planning and initiatives across the entire organization, continuously evolving and improving its approach to attracting top talent, building robust infrastructure and delivering an unrivaled client experience. His keen eye for succession and growth has helped create deep wealth management teams capable of supporting clients now and for generations to come, as well as enhancing the client experience through a combination of organic and acquisition-based growth strategies.  

His enthusiasm for helping people achieve their most important goals extends beyond the boardroom. Adam serves on the financial and investment committee for several nonprofit organizations and is a past member of Fidelity’s Advisor Council. He’s also active with the St. Louis Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).  Throughout his career, Adam has been honored as the recipient of a variety of awards as well as industry recognition. 

Adam is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and St. Louis University School of Law. He is an avid sports fan, an active collector of sports memorabilia and a lover of movies. He and his wife, a pediatrician, have three wonderful children — two daughters and a son. 

Industry awards and recognition were presented by third parties and are not indicative of any client experience.