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“At the core of The Colony Group’s values is our commitment to help our clients and our employees experience meaning and joy in their lives. We believe this must also include the ability of all people to live lives of dignity and respect.”

The Colony Group

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The Colony Group stands united against racism and social injustices

The Colony Group stands united against racism and social injustices in all their forms.  Consistent with our values, we are not neutral and will not be silent.  We are committed to connecting even more deeply with our communities to help in the healing process and, more importantly, stimulating meaningful change towards a future in which everyone can live with dignity and respect.  We remain dedicated to – and will redouble – our long-standing commitments to inclusion, diversity, and compassion not only within our own company but also within what we perceive to be an industry still lacking in diversity.  Let us all find meaning and joy once again through love for, and understanding of, others as well as a unified effort to make the world a better place – for everyone.

The Colony Group