• Episode 11
  • June 4, 2021

Master of Resilience: Joshua Nathanson

Having come incredibly close to death since a young age, this resilient and passionate 23-year-old shares a message of hope, unrelenting strength, and finding gratitude when life itself becomes uncertain. How does one’s life journey unfold when their life is full of restrictions? How can one dream of living up to their fullest potential when the thought of death weighs in the background? Defying the limitations that come with congenital heart disease and having undergone four open heart surgeries, Josh summoned the courage and passion for life by becoming a third-degree black belt, senior instructor in Kung Fu, and competitive natural bodybuilder —all while earning great academic success at Cornell University. Learn what fuels Josh’s energy to “keep going and push through” in an interview with his father, who also learns from Josh’s unique perspective on life.

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