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“Achieving financial independence requires the creation of a plan that accounts for multiple variables and that has been tested using multiple simulations.”

Michael J. Nathanson, JD, LLM

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

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Personal Financial Planning For Executives & Entrepreneurs ft. Michael Nathanson

Don’t miss Michael Nathanson featured on Abhi Golhar’s nationally syndicated radio show talking to entrepreneurs and executives about how to maximize their financial success based on The Colony Group’s book, Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs.


Michael J. Nathanson, JD, LLM

Michael Nathanson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Colony Group, is a highly respected and experienced leader in the wealth management industry. He is relentlessly dedicated to bringing meaning and joy to the lives of Colony Group clients and team members by fostering a culture that values lifelong learning, cultivates innovation, and offers opportunities to live lives full of passion and purpose. Michael is a co-author of the book, Personal Financial Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs: The Path to Financial Peace of Mindand has frequently been interviewed and published on a wide variety of financial, tax, and legal topics by many national and local news outlets, including Reuters, Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, InvestmentNews, Financial Planning, Advisor Perspectives, Financial Advisor, the Boston Business Journal, and numerous journals and industry publications.

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