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We believe that financial education helps to inspire and support our clients so they can pursue what is next in their journey with confidence. Further, as serious and dedicated professionals in our industry, we feel it is our responsibility to extend our knowledge not only to our clients, but also to prospective clients, business partners, and friends in our local communities. The Colony Group has partnered with Worth Magazine to provide expert insights on topics most important to those communities we serve.

Why do many wealthy families fail to pass a lasting legacy to their future generations?

By Stephen Stelljes, Lori Deane, and Jeremy Kuhlen


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How can female executives and entrepreneurs equip themselves for long-term financial success?

By Nadine Gordon Lee and Shellie Kurek Peters

Women are gaining ground in the highest echelons of self-made wealth. In fact, 2017 was a record-breaking year for...

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How should executives and entrepreneurs think about prioritizing their financial goals?

By Michael J. Nathanson, Nadine Gordon Lee, and Stephen Stelljes

Having worked with executives and entrepreneurs for decades, we still find that many come to us with similar problems...

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