How To Plan for Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Challenges – Workshop Series Recordings

The global pandemic has accelerated our dependence on our devices — working from home, shopping online, and holding virtual hangouts with friends and family — all in effort to stay connected, and ultimately adopting new technologies and tools. While we have all stepped out of our comfort zones to adapt to this new tech environment, the cyberattacks have skyrocketed and continue to increase. Statistics project that cybercriminals will steal an estimated 33 billion records in 20231 by deploying sophisticated tactics to gain access to our email, devices, as well as routers and Wi-Fi systems.

Our Curated by Colony partner, Total Digital Security, is pleased to bring to you their deep expertise in helping protect high-profile families and individuals and on how you can best defend against cyberattacks in a three-part workshop series.

Brad Deflin, founder and CEO of Total Digital Security, will address The Three Primary Attack Surfaces — Email, Devices, and Home Internet Routers over three sessions. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How you can avoid loss and gain better protection
  • How to increase digital privacy and security
  • Simple practices that significantly increase your privacy and security

Attack Surface #1: Email - How to Privatize and Secure Your Email

Our first workshop, How to Privatize and Secure Your Email, provided best practices and actionable takeaways to help protect your email and increase digital privacy and security.

“The greatest threats consistently in email are phishing and spoofing”

Attack Surface #2: Devices - How to Protect Your Phone, Tablets, and Computer

Our second workshop, How to Protect Your Phone, Tablets, and Computer, provided insightful tips and best practices to help protect your personal devices from cyberattacks.

“It’s about protecting our personal information for the sake of avoiding loss and inconvenience as a result of our personal devices getting hacked”

Attack Surface #3: Home Internet Routers and Wi-Fi Systems - Manage Your Network Security and Privacy

Our third and final workshop, Manage Your Network Security and Privacy, provided insightful tips and best practices to help protect your home internet routers and Wi-Fi systems from cyberattacks.

“Most routers come with an easily hackable password, no password, or a published password”

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