$20.01B AUM, 365+ Team Members

2023 featured a merger with Cooper Lapman...

$19B AUM, 340+ Team Members

2022 featured a merger with Derby & Company

$17B AUM, 300+ Team Members

2021 featured mergers with New Providence Asset Management, Legacy Wealth, Harrison, McCarthy & Co., and Capital...

$10B AUM, 236 Team Members

2019 featured mergers with Aurora Financial Advisors, Steinberg Global Asset Management, Kathryn Collings Transition, Harvest Capital Management and Glass...

Merges with Blue Water Advisors and Bridgewater Wealth, $7.5B AUM with 140 Team Members

Merges with Jones Barclay Boston, $5.5B AUM

Merges with Cap Group Advisors, $5B AUM with 86 Team Members

Merges with Long Wharf Investors, $3.5B AUM

Reaches $3B in AUM, 63 Team Members

Merges with Prosper Advisors

Merges with Mintz Levin Financial Advisors

25th Anniversary Celebration

Colony Joins Focus Financial Partners

$1B with 36 Team Members

$500M with 36 Team Members

$100M with 16 Team Members

TCG Founded

The Colony Group was founded.