Colony’s Exclusive Insights Into Private Market Investment Strategies – Webinar Recording

With public equity valuations at historic highs and traditional fixed income yields at historic lows, investors may need to seek new sources of return to meet their targets. Many are looking to the private markets to increase return, reduce risk, or both. In this introductory webinar, our Chief Investment Strategist, Jason Blackwell is joined by Colony’s Portfolio Manager and Director of Private Strategies, Jon Lee, and Senior Wealth Advisor, Nina Mitchell, to discuss the benefits and considerations of including private strategies in your portfolio. Discussion topics will include:

  • What are they? – Private Equity, Private Credit, Real Assets, and Hedge Funds: Explained
  • Why are they often called “alternatives?”  – What makes them different (and similar) to traditional investments?
  • How do they fit within a portfolio? – How should clients balance the unique risks of private investing with the rest of their investment strategy?

Watch the recording below: