Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

Empower Your Student to Reach Their Full Potential

Throughout a student’s educational journey, they may encounter periods of transition, changes to the learning environment, or managing extracurricular activities. It’s common for them to experience bumps along the way as demands on their time and attention shift quickly. To overcome these challenges and build a strong educational foundation for the future, students need to learn how to master abilities beyond school subject matter, such as organizational skills, time management, and mental flexibility.

Our Curated by Colony provider, Private Prep, is pleased to bring to parents and grandparents of middle and high school-aged students an exclusive workshop  on practical strategies to help them reach their full potential, achieving success in their academic and personal pursuits, all while cultivating students’ creativity and joy for learning during these formative years.    

Join Private Prep’s Director of Executive Functioning, Jenna Prada for an interactive workshop.

Tuesday, November 2 | 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM ET

Reflect on 1st Quarter: Refine motivation and study skills to keep the momentum going

Once the year is up and running, it’s time to reflect on your student’s progress toward their goals and adjust as needed. In this workshop, we’ll take stock of their progress, learn how to plan for ongoing maintenance, refine project planning, and revisit study habits to keep long-term goals on track and help the student stay motivated and engaged in the process.

Note: This 60-minute workshop is designed to be interactive and are limited to 50 participants.

Thrive in 30: Transitioning Into In-Person

Learn essential tips and recommended tools to personalize physical organization and planning systems that are also flexible enough for all of the unknowns this year. We’ll walk through ideal schedules to guide parents on how to plan a successful academic year that keeps the student motivated, engaged, and on track.

About the Speaker:

Jenna Prada, Director of Executive Functioning and Special Education

Jenna Prada is a New York State licensed teacher and administrator with a decade of experience working in some of New York City’s most successful schools as both a teacher and an administrator. She earned both of her Masters in Education through experiential programs that relied on action research and building extensive portfolios for differentiated instruction. Jenna has either tutored or taught every major high school subject and understands the different approaches to material that students must develop for success across content areas. She brought her balance of empathy and patience with high expectations and a no-nonsense approach to the behavioral and academic interventions for grades 6-12 at the Institute for Collaborative Education (ICE), where she worked with a variety of learners including those with ADHD, SLD, anxiety, and processing disorders. Jenna left her career in the NYC Department of Education when her first child was born and has since built a new career at Private Prep where she is currently the Director of Executive Functioning and Special Education. Jenna's expertise in education means that she is able to differentiate material in a way that allows all of her students to identify and capitalize on their strengths as leverage to overcome their weaknesses. As the creator and director of Private Prep's Executive Functioning Programs, Jenna enjoys following the latest brain and educational research so that she can bring innovative pedagogy to the wide variety of students that work with Private Prep. Jenna lives in Huntington, New York with her family where she volunteers at the local youth center and advocates for holistic educational practices in her school district.


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