Back to School Essentials: Empower Your Student to Reach Their Full Potential – Webinar Recording

Throughout a student’s educational journey, they may encounter periods of transition, changes to the learning environment, or managing extracurricular activities. It’s common for them to experience bumps along the way as demands on their time and attention shift quickly. To overcome these challenges and build a strong educational foundation for the future, students need to learn how to master abilities beyond school subject matter, such as organizational skills, time management, and mental flexibility.

In this exclusive workshop, our Curated by Colony provider, Private Prep, shares strategies and planning guides to help parents empower their students to keep motivated, stay organized, and develop essential study habits.

For those interested, to learn more about Private Prep’s workshop, here is a link to their slide presentation. As a reminder, The Private Prep Admissions Team and their experienced test prep and academic tutors are available to support you should you need their assistance. Supplementary resources can be found on Private Prep’s website. Additionally, if you are interested in meeting with one of their coaches, Private Prep is offering preferential pricing for clients of The Colony Group. To learn more, please visit this link.