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As the Chief Investment Strategist of The Colony Group, Jason is an investment professional possessing both deep analytical experience and a passion to improve the decisions and outcomes of clients by simplifying the often-complex world of investing. In his role, he is an important resource for our clients and wealth advisors, assisting them in developing portfolios designed to support their goals and communicating the firm’s investment strategy. He also serves as a vice-chairman of the Colony Investment Committee and a spokesperson for Colony Investment Management.

Jason brings broad and deep experience from across the industry.  He joined from Mercer Investments where he assisted wealth management firms with manager selection, portfolio construction and asset allocation. Previously, he was responsible for the investment technology and analytics of an Atlanta RIA. He started his career as an advisor.

Jason received a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Colorado-Boulder. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations and is a member of the CFA Society Atlanta.


Published Insights

Why Emerging Market Stocks Are Poised for a Post-COVID 19 Comeback

"Though there’s been some run-up in emerging markets, there is still plenty of room to grow, in part because countries haven’t completely recovered from the pandemic-induced economic shock," said Jason Blackwell.

Small Companies, Big Returns

December marked the end of the best quarter over the last 25 years for smaller, publicly traded companies’ stocks. The S&P SmallCap 600 Index advanced 8.3% for the month and a whopping 31.3% for the quarter. These gains are more impressive when compared against the S&P...

A Spoonful of Sugar

The best part of getting a shot in the arm is the sugary treat that often comes with it. As concerns shifted in November from if an effective vaccine...

Election Market Update

Election watchers have experienced a range of emotions over the last few days, as votes have trickled in from key battleground states. As of this writing, we do not yet have a definitive outcome, except that, while still possible, neither party is guaranteed to control both...

Economic Rehabilitation Not Without Setbacks

Surgery is scary but relatively easy work for the patient thanks to anesthesia. The hard work comes after the patient wakes up and starts the rehabilitation and recovery process....

Fractional Shares Are the Latest Craze for Small Investors. Here’s How They Work

“This is a lower-stakes way to learn how to manage money,” says Jason Blackwell in his interview with Money.com in responding to purchasing fractional shares.

What Do Changes to the Dow Mean for Investors?

"For most investors, the Dow's changes likely don't impact much in their portfolios,” says Jason Blackwell to US News & World Report.

Pessimism Sells, but Optimism Pays

A 2019 study by the National Academy of Sciences confirms the widely held belief that humans are drawn to negative news. Results from a 17-country, 6-continent study showed that...

Optimizing Your Plan For Participant Success

Plan sponsors often struggle to develop an investment plan that meets the diverse needs of their plan participants while fulfilling the requirements of their fiduciary duties. This white paper is a guide to optimize your retirement plan for participant success....

Economic Stimulus Boosting Personal Savings Not Spending

It may surprise you that the deepest recession in modern history has not hit Main Street, yet. While this data glosses over the pain being felt by some households,...

Let’s Waltz

As schools shut down this spring, many students missed out on a lesson often taught in physical education classes: how to dance the box step. Forward-side-together; backward-side-together. Coming into...

Why experts are watching OpenTable reservations and dentists offices for signs of economic recovery

Data like OpenTable reservations, which have “been encouraging so far,” can help track whether business is picking back up, said Jason Blackwell, a CFA and Chief Investment Strategist of The Colony Group.

Volatility, A Recession, and A Second Wave – What’s Next for Investors?

Despite a wild ride thus far in June, the S&P 500 Index is effectively flat for the month. After rising 6.2% through Monday (June 8th), which took the index...

The Case for Alternative Investments

Distressed debt and real estate present opportunities but "...be wary of buying into existing real-estate portfolios because the estimated value of properties within the portfolios may not reflect coronavirus-related declines yet," said Jason Blackwell, CFA, CAIA®, Chief Investment Strategist.

‘This will be the quickest recession’: What experts expect of the post-pandemic economic recovery

"Keep an eye on indicators like unemployment numbers and consumer behavior. When people are out and resuming their normal activities, that will be a sign that the country is on the path to recovery," said Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

Everything Old Is New Again

In considering a recovery from the current crisis, our focus has been on relaxing (but not eliminating) social distancing measures, the impact of fiscal and monetary responses, and the...

What Are Some Safe Investment Options Right Now?

"You either risk not keeping up with your required returns by increasing cash and protecting principal, or you take on more principal risk for a better opportunity to meet long-term targets," said Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

Reallocating Assets After Global Pandemic – What Wealth Managers Say

The Colony Group is advising investors to “focus more on domestic demand” than global trade, said, Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

“We’re looking at strategies that will help the Chinese middle-class consumer paint the inside of their home rather than ones that focus on selling a television made in China to an American consumer,” Blackwell says. “The number one pizza delivery company in India deserves attention, as do online education services in China.”

Back to regularly scheduled uncertainty

Investment markets have spent the past few weeks consolidating its big bounce off the lows. We believe returns have stabilized, as evidenced by relatively measured daily price moves in...

What’s Ahead As We Say Goodbye to the Longest Month of the Year?

A number of memes have circulated over the last six weeks describing April as the longest month in history. We yearn for everyday occurrences like getting haircuts, enjoying a meal at a restaurant, and seeing our friends, clients, and coworkers in person. The...

Markets Maintain Focus on Eventual Recovery

Oil was in the spotlight this week, and the news here was not positive. Oil futures contracts for May delivery settled in negative territory for the first time in...

When to Buy More Shares and How to Choose What to Buy

Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist at The Colony Group, a national wealth management firm, agrees: “Market timing rarely works out,” he says, “and we believe that investors need to determine the right shares to buy more than the right time to buy more of them.”

He would rather “investors take a measured approach to allocate to new or existing opportunities and are comfortable being ‘a little early’ now and potentially 'a little late’ later by spreading out investments over a number of weeks or even months."

The Eye of the Storm

One of the most dangerous phases of a hurricane comes as the first half of the storm passes and the eye of the storm is overhead. The winds calm...

Advisors reimagine portfolio construction in a post-coronavirus world

One asset class, in particular, is set to receive the most intense scrutiny, says Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist for The Colony Group. “The coronavirus crisis is likely to be most impactful on fixed income,” Blackwell says.

Colony Market Update – COVID-19 Impact

People are gripped with fear. We fear getting sick, losing our jobs, and watching our portfolios decline in value. That is a very understandable reaction to the crisis in which we currently find...

What A Week – Really, This Time

At The Colony Group, we take a long-term perspective despite a shorter-term news cycle. During this period of higher uncertainty, we aim to provide more frequent market updates and...

What to expect as markets continue to react to the latest coronavirus news

For our most recent update on the COVID-19, please read: What A Week, Really This Time Equity markets opened sharply down again this morning following President Trump’s address to the nation....

What a Week! Or Not…

This week was another wild ride in the markets but we returned almost back to where we started. Virus Global cases have now topped 100,000 and we anticipate seeing...

When a Bug Hits the Market

January 2020 started off well enough with both U.S. and Emerging Markets taking turns as the top performer among equities, both up ~3% year-to-date as of January 17th. Then,...

One month does not a trend make: On Football and Investments

By: Jason Blackwell, CFA, CAIA®, Chief Investment Strategist; Brian Katz, CFA, Chief Investment Officer; Richard Steinberg, CFA, Chief Market Strategist A review of October’s investment returns may cause you...

Technicolor Investing in a World of Two-Tone News

By: Jason Blackwell, CFA, CAIA®, Chief Investment Strategist; Brian Katz, CFA, Chief Investment Officer & Richard Steinberg, CFA, Chief Market Strategist Movies developed using technicolor appear highly saturated if...