Jake Weinreb, CFA

Senior Associate, Business Strategy and Analytics

Bethesda, MD
Focus Areas

Business Intelligence & Analytics
Company Strategy
Culture Development
Project Management

As a Senior Strategy and Analytics Associate, Jake works with senior leadership to design and execute cross-functional strategic initiatives across the organization.  Leveraging his experience in data analytics and company research, he also leads our internal client and business analytics program.

Jake served as a Senior Research Analyst at Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management prior to merging with The Colony Group, where he performed in-depth research for our investment strategies including individual equities and investment funds.  He continues to serve as a member of Colony’s Private Strategies Committee.

In addition to his strategy and analytics responsibilities, Jake is The Colony Group’s Cultural Ambassador, educating our employees on the tenets of Conscious Leadership and fostering a culture of curiosity, responsibility and awareness.

Jake earned his Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in Mathematics and Economics from American University. He also holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

In his spare time, Jake is a devoted foodie and an avid home cook.

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