Transitioning early success into lasting wealth

Making the journey from the playground to the pros is an extraordinary accomplishment. Whether you are a player, coach, general manager, or team executive, it takes single-focused devotion, a love of the game, and determination to have a career in sports.

Our team of experienced, well-trained, and dedicated specialists shares that determination. Our goal is to align your dreams, values, and finances to help you turn your early success into financial independence you can enjoy throughout your life.

Help in keeping the momentum going

Reaching the highest level of success in sports is only the beginning of your personal journey. Retaining and building sustainable wealth come next.

We work with you and your team to develop a plan that can help extend your early financial success throughout your life. We can also assist in enacting strategies intended to protect your assets against events that could diminish them. With a deep understanding of tax and estate laws, we can also work with you and your legal representatives to preserve your wealth in ways that support you, your family, and your legacy. As part of your team, we want to help ensure you have financial options as you pursue the next leg of your life’s journey.

Plan Ahead

Careers may last less than six years. Earnings may need to cover another



in retirement. (Source 1, Source 2)

Protect Assets

The divorce rate: Professional athletes



vs. 50% for U.S. public. (Source)

Preserve Wealth

Bankruptcy affects



of NFL players within 12 years of retiring. (Source)

Getting you from where you are to where you are headed

With a team dedicated to working with sports professionals like you, we guide you through the financial decisions you’ll make as you move through your career. From the time you sign on with your first team, through your retirement from your sports career, and beyond, we will work with you to help financially prepare you for what comes next.

  • Learn fundamentals of wealth building
  • Set savings goals and align finances with goals
  • Start investing
  • Begin tax planning
  • Establish credit
  • Get insured
  • Create estate plan
  • Monitor spending
  • Invest more actively
  • Update plans and insurance
  • More complicated tax planning
  • Save aggressively and build portfolio
  • Consider alternative investments
  • Fund education plans for children
  • Establish charitable giving and wealth transfer strategy
  • Plan for post-career transition
  • Post-career transition of finances and personal relationships
  • Revisit spending limits
  • Integrated investment and withdrawal strategy to optimize income and reduce taxes
  • Update estate plan
  • Participate in post-professional mentoring

Experience Counts

The journeys we have taken with our clients over the years can help us guide you to the appropriate solutions for whatever circumstances you face, regardless of your sport, and the career phase in which you find yourself. From new draft choices to seasoned players, coaches, and team owners, our team of dedicated specialists strives to help clients succeed in accumulating and preserving their hard-earned wealth.

Co-Presidents average


years of industry experience



sports industry clients



Worked with over


athletes to help transition them into retirement and other careers

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