Focused on Your Mission

You have a passion for your organization and its mission. You are a leader, a mentor, an activist, a trustee. You have an internal drive to achieve stated goals. And like many of our clients, you are a pioneer, an explorer on a unique journey…

Our clients fund breakthroughs in medical research, award college scholarships, enable community stability, work towards ensuring the survival of cultures and languages, and put food on the table for struggling families.

For more than 25 years we have been honored to experience the unique journeys of remarkable organizations, working side by side with them as they seek to improve our communities, our country, and our world. Our institutional team directly supports those diverse and meaningful purposes. We are more than experienced and professional investment advisors.  We are active participants in your journey and we welcome the opportunity to support and celebrate your successes.

Our Approach


We believe that our primary responsibility is helping you achieve your stated objectives and realize the ultimate goal that you envision for your organization.  Our approach emphasizes the concept of “mission sustainability,” a focus on making your budget or financial goals a reality.

We serve as your chief investment officer and assist with asset allocation, manager selection, rebalancing, reporting, presentations, custodial coordination, and fiduciary assessments. For us, a successful relationship empowers your staff to function day to day with access to short-term funds in order to execute key programs, while simultaneously enabling your leadership team to focus on long-term organizational priorities – supporting today while planning for the future.

Our team helps to determine the asset classes that most effectively manage portfolio risk while working to achieve your financial goals. We seek performance where excess returns are generated by a systemic structure and a sustainable process, preferring consistency and stability over volatility and uncertainty.

We are proud to have a team with decades of collective experience serving institutions. We are equally proud of numerous years of certification by CEFEX, the Center of Fiduciary Excellence2, recognizing our commitment to sound fiduciary governance. And as a firm, we have garnered various industry awards for our approach and our growth.


2The Colony Group’s institutional practice primarily operates from its Richmond, VA office, which joined Colony in March 2015 when CapGroup Advisors merged with and into The Colony Group. CapGroup Advisors was certified by CEFEX each year from 2010-2014. As a part of Colony, the Richmond, VA institutional practice received the certification in 2015.

Investment Process

Investment Process

As industry veterans, we understand that we serve both you and your organization’s beneficiaries.  Therefore, we take the time to fully understand your financial structure, your priorities, and your income and expenses – the keys to your mission sustainability.

We harness the breadth of our experience to assist you in plotting the right course. Our institutional team will:

  • Document your short-, intermediate-, and long-term obligations
  • Identify a portfolio structure to support your long-term goals
  • Implement a formalized investment plan that conforms with fiduciary best practices
  • Systematically assess performance and progress toward your goals

We have spent years as part of the journeys of clients, each requiring a unique set of solutions.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Your organization will benefit from an institutional investment process that seeks to minimize risk and create consistent returns. We integrate leading industry research and unbiased economic forecasting to apply our best thinking to each client’s unique circumstances. We have the tools, resources, and expertise to help you direct your journey.

We refer to our investment philosophy as Mission Driven Investing.  Everything we do is tied to driving your mission – working toward the realization of your goals.  It also directly supports our role as a fiduciary.

We believe in broad global diversification. We believe a balanced approach that may include both active investment strategies in areas of greatest opportunity and passive options where fees or projected returns cannot justify active mandates.

And we believe that our role is to guide your investment strategy over time in tandem with changes in your profile, priorities, and the investment landscape.