Over the course of your personal and professional lives, you are likely to experience at least one dispute involving financial issues. As experts in conflict resolution, we work with individuals, lawyers, and small businesses to minimize the financial and emotional cost of finding a satisfactory solution. You can count on us to help you find the common ground that allows you to feel comfortable agreeing to terms and moving on.



Life-changing events often trigger contentious issues. Engaging an independent, impartial advisor to manage such disputes can help defuse the situation.

We can help:

  • Prepare families to transition financial responsibility due to mental or physical disabilities
  • Mediate sibling disagreements regarding their parent’s estate
  • Overcome impasses associated with assets left to joint sibling ownership
  • Counsel the surviving spouse during inter-sibling rivalry
  • Give effect to the spouse’s wishes about the distribution of the estate, now and at death
  • Provide accounting and financial services for parents’ estates to increase objectivity and transparency and reduce friction between future beneficiaries
  • Work pre-emptively with families to avoid arrangements at death that create tensions in family relationships


It’s not uncommon for family business owners to have very different personal goals or objectives from those of the business in which they are the owner. This is even more the case when ownership is transferred to subsequent generations. When parties become deadlocked in the running of a business, there is a heightened risk of it failing.

We can help with:

  • Creating a common understanding of the capacity and viability of the business to meet the objectives of the business owners
  • Issues around capitalization and capital calls as changes in ownership are proposed
  • Advising on distributions to shareholders and associated tax consequences
  • Where required, unwinding the family business to achieve a win-win result
  • Assisting the new generation in understanding the business they are inheriting, and the need for them to act as good stewards, in order to avoid future disputes

Additional Services


We have the training, deep experience, and trust of the clients and lawyers we have helped through hundreds of dispute resolution experiences. Our team members have provided support to individuals, lawyers and mediators in mediated, collaborative and litigated cases.

Susan Miller

Susan Miller, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CDFA®
Managing Director & Senior Wealth Advisor

“Family disputes are complicated by their history, there is a need for empathy, and, often, a requirement to deal with contentious negotiations. It is not just about the money.”

Fred Baird

Fred Baird
Managing Director & Senior Wealth Advisor

“In game theory, family disputes are classified as one-shot games. There is no learning, as in repetitive games, just the opportunity to make irrecoverable mistakes. In this situation, there is no substitute for experience.”