Today’s executives and high-level employees are so focused on the growth and stability of their companies that they often have limited time to handle their own personal financial matters.

We understand the unique challenges that executives face on a daily basis. Our experience working with executives gives us a deep understanding of the complications and opportunities that can arise as they seek to achieve their goals.

Executive Wealth Management


Over the years, we have worked with numerous corporate executives, amassing firsthand knowledge of what it takes to navigate the complexities of financial planning at this level. Whether you are a C-suite executive of a Fortune 500 company, a founder of a start-up, or the leader of a mid-sized business, we can help you plot a course through both career and life transitions. Knowing that your personal financial matters are in good hands promotes peace of mind and allows you to realize the value of your executive compensation and benefits.

Services include all of the wealth and investment management solutions employed for our individual and family clients.

Since executives face a distinct set of challenges that require a specific set of counseling services and resources, we regularly advise them on additional areas including:

  • Compensation and benefits
  • Equity incentive planning
  • Tax-sensitive solutions for concentrated positions
  • Equity trading plans
  • Preliquidity planning
Corporate-Sponsored Programs


We work with all kinds of companies — from Fortune 500 members to start-up and mid-sized businesses. So, we can offer effective financial counseling services and educational seminars to your executives and other employees, no matter the size of your business. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Confidence that allows executives to focus on corporate matters, trusting that their personal financial matters are in good hands
  • Executive-level education encompassing the breadth and value of the company’s benefit and incentive plan offerings
  • Planning assistance for current or future corporate reorganization and liquidity events
  • Guidance that facilitates smart personal financial decision-making

It all starts with a relationship. While your company typically would sponsor the financial counseling benefit, we maintain a highly personal relationship with each employee. Each client relationship is unique, reflecting the financial circumstances, goals, objectives, and personality of the client. The services we provide support this relationship, and each employee’s personal and financial information is held in the strictest of confidence. Ultimately, the strength of our company programs is the level of customization to your employees’ complex needs. Sample program structures include:

  • Designated Senior Executive Services
    Participants receive a comprehensive financial counseling relationship, providing both dynamic planning and implementation services that include tax planning and preparation, benefit strategies, investment planning and asset allocation, complex estate planning and risk management coordination, retirement planning analysis and strategy implementation, and philanthropic planning.
  • Designated Personnel
    Participants receive services dedicated to the development of a financial plan. This includes analysis and advice around tax planning, benefit strategies, retirement planning, estate planning, and investment strategies.

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Customized Seminars & Workshops

The Colony Group offers financial education seminars to help your employees learn about investing, benefits, taxes, retirement planning, education funding, stock options, insurance, and estate planning. And because every employer is unique, we can customize our seminars and workshops specifically for your corporate benefits programs and employee needs.