Nothing is more important to us than advancing our clients’ best interests. We do so by attracting and developing talented professionals who aim to provide exceptional client service. The result is a highly engaged team that thrives on the strength of its client relationships and continually seeks to enhance the client experience.

Succeeding as an Engaged Employee

We look for employees who possess the outstanding work ethic, talent, expertise, and commitment required to exceed the high expectations of our clients. The Colony Group strives to attract, develop, engage, and retain exceptional people who will contribute to the success of the firm. We offer excellent benefits and tremendous opportunities for growth and development.


Interested candidates should complete the application process linked to the applicable position.


Joining Forces as One Colony

In recent years, one of the primary engines of our growth has been joining forces with firms who share our values and our standards of excellence.

Together, we become one, but with more talent and broader capabilities, enabling us to extend our services to more clients. It starts with a shared belief in providing unbiased advice and remaining passionate about our commitment to transparency and objectivity.

Hear The Colony Group’s Michael Nathanson and Bob Glovsky discuss the culture that defines the Colony approach.

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How to Create a Culture of Success at Your Firm

As wealth advisors, we spend our days elbow deep in portfolio management, tax and estate planning, market analysis, and other endeavors important to the financial success — and ultimate satisfaction — of our clients.

Yet, more goes into building a positive client experience than an advisor’s individual expertise or background. In his article, Michael Nathanson describes how successful firms intentionally cultivate a culture that provides support and opportunities for their employees to thrive and their businesses to grow.

Building this “culture of success” (and reaping its benefits) relies upon advisors’ commitment to four key elements:

  • Attracting, developing, retaining, and engaging top talent
  • Embracing a fiduciary-based, client-first philosophy
  • Building a robust infrastructure
  • Creating a growth-oriented organization poised for financial strength