People make all the difference

The varied expertise of our team goes far beyond investment management to encompass retirement planning, tax and estate planning, risk management, philanthropic planning, education planning, and the full spectrum of financial counseling services. The teams coming together to support our clients include specialists with designations and degrees ranging from CFP®, CFA® and CPA to MBA, JD, LLM and PhD.

But, you’ll benefit from more than our technical know-how. From every team member you work with, you’ll sense a willingness to collaborate and to understand and appreciate your views and preferences…along with a selfless dedication to helping you attain your goals.

"The best feeling is uncovering some unique insight that will help generate returns for clients."

Jake Weinreb, CFA

Senior Research Analyst

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As a Senior Research Analyst, Jake performs in-depth research for our investment strategies including our proprietary Quality Growth Stock portfolio and conducts in-depth analysis and due-diligence on mutual funds, private investment funds and other opportunities for client portfolios. He is also a member of Colony’s Investment Committee and helps inform the investment decisions made on behalf of our clients.

In addition to his research and due diligence responsibilities, Jake is The Colony Group’s Cultural Ambassador educating our employees on the tenets of Conscious Leadership and fostering a culture of curiosity, inclusion and excellence.

Jake served as a Senior Research Analyst at Bridgewater Wealth & Financial Management prior to merging with The Colony Group. He also interned at the Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Chief Financial Advisor; and Hall Capital Partners.

Jake holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics from American University. In January 2019, he received the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation.

In his spare time, Jake is a devoted foodie and an avid home cook.