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A Divorce Tax Guide for Financial Advisors

DIVORCE IS EXPENSIVE, and not just where legal fees are concerned. Taxes, if not handled correctly, can also become a costly consequence of splitting up. Thus, many divorcing couples look to a financial advisor to help them through the process.

"Divorce has its own subset of tax laws, so there are some nuances advisors need to be aware of regarding advising clients going through a divorce or who are contemplating a divorce," says Susan Miller, managing director and a senior wealth advisor with The Colony Group in Boston.

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US STOCKS-Futures slide as jobless claims top 6 million

“This shows the magnitude and the seriousness of this problem,” said Richard Steinberg, chief market strategist at Colony Group, in Florida. “We’re going to be digesting this for awhile and until the data becomes less worse, we’re going to have lumpiness in trading around these shock-and-awe numbers.”

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Financials Up Amid Signs of Global Market Stability

"I don't think we're out of the woods yet," said Rich Steinberg, chief market strategist at wealth-management firm The Colony Group.

"I think we're in for more volatility and people are going to be watching all kinds of data points we've never thought about -- in terms of the virus, in terms of how quickly money will get into the hands [of those who need it] from the stimulus, in terms of freeing up technical issues that are in commercial mortgage markets and other mortgage markets."

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There Is No Alternative to Treasuries

“Treasuries have become the de-facto defensive asset for the market. Investors have to make sure they have enough cash on the sidelines to meet whatever their cash needs are for at least the next year,” Richard Steinberg tells Axios.

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Industrials Down Sharply On Coronavirus Worries

Stock-market bulls are betting on what I would call the v-shaped recovery in China," said Richard Steinberg. Their thinking is "'this is a human tragedy, but it's transitory like other [disasters]. There will be pent-up demand and shipping will catch up." via Rob Curran on Morningstar. 

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