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The market and Congress are locked in a high-stakes game of chicken — and who blinks first will determine where stocks go next

"Even if a stimulus deal is passed this month, the 'delay effect' on when aid reaches Americans could see economic indicators turn worse before improving," said Richard Steinberg in Business Insider.

Want to Score a Sports Star as a Client? Here’s How…

“Advising athlete clients not only requires specialized experience, knowledge, and credentials, but also the temperament and desire to make a lasting difference in the life of their athlete client," said Craig Jones in an interview with Financial Advisor IQ.

Inside the Edition: Michael Nathanson, CEO, The Colony Group

Our CEO, Michael Nathanson, opens up to Mike Consol in a fascinating conversation about being a lifelong learner and how that central tenet has guided his amazing life's journey from attending Harvard Law School to CEO of a national wealth management company.

Profile: Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group Stresses Lifelong Learning by Travel and Tome

Michael Nathanson, Chairman & CEO, shares his journey to the helm of The Colony Group and what keeps him inspired to live a thousand lives in a candid interview.

Upbeat Or Gloomy? Advisors Strike Right Balance To Reassure Clients

"You have to understand where the client is coming from," said Dawn Doebler, "Does the client tend to be overly optimistic or overly pessimistic? And what's driving that?"

The Fed is back in focus amid Congress’ stimulus impasse

"People don’t want to wait for vaccine news to come out to reposition their portfolio," Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, tells Dion Rabouin in Axios.

Cyclical Stocks Are Leading the Latest Leg of the Market’s Recovery

"I do think investors are starting to look beyond the shiny objects," said Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist of The Colony Group, in The Wall Street Journal. As of late, he said: "They're chasing the dull objects, hoping that they get shiny over time."

Estate Planning Tips Amid The Pandemic

Dawn Doebler suggests seeking professional estate planning advice when family circumstances or complexities increase.

Navigating The New Reg BI World

Regulation Best Interest or Reg BI may add more confusion for consumers of financial advice. Michael Nathanson unpacks the important details that consumers need to know in his article.

Rich Steinberg on the Markets (Radio)

Richard Steinberg discusses the Fed actions to bolster the economy, possible future inflation, risk, and other relevant market news on Bloomberg News Daybreak Asia.

Dreams Deferred?

The pandemic changed the world and the retirement plans of many Boomers. Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owner Services & Managing Director, Northern New England, shares his advice to help retirees adjust their plans and align them with their new reality.

Seeing Your Company (And Yourself) In 2020

In Michael Nathanson's latest Chief Executive magazine article, he challenges the leadership of companies to reflect on their own code of ethics during these tumultuous times by asking themselves some tough, yet revealing questions. How will you and your company respond to your answers?

They Are All Perfect: Why We Need to Celebrate Our Imperfections

How can an organization take advantage of their differences to improve their future survival and success? Michael Nathanson shares how embracing imperfections can create a stronger, happier culture.

Why experts are watching OpenTable reservations and dentists offices for signs of economic recovery

Data like OpenTable reservations, which have “been encouraging so far,” can help track whether business is picking back up, said Jason Blackwell, a CFA and Chief Investment Strategist of The Colony Group.

The Hidden Expense Of Working At Home

What are the hidden costs of working from home? Patrick Donnelly, CFP® uncovers these expenses and how to decrease their impact on your wallet.

We can’t get true valuation right now

Richard Steinberg weighs in on the complicated US/China relationship regarding trade and tariffs and market outlook with Yahoo Finance's On The Move.

Rich Steinberg on the Markets (Radio)

Richard D. Steinberg, CFA, discusses the sharp market selloff, the role of the Fed, and what the latest economic indicators may mean for the markets on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia.

Clients Could Face Residency Tax Audits Because Of Lockdowns

“Clients often have the misconception that they can claim residency elsewhere simply by having a home in a lower or no-tax state,” said Shane Glass, CPA/PFS, adding that California is aggressive in claiming out-of-state taxpayers as residents.

The Case for Alternative Investments

Distressed debt and real estate present opportunities but " wary of buying into existing real-estate portfolios because the estimated value of properties within the portfolios may not reflect coronavirus-related declines yet," said Jason Blackwell, CFA, CAIA®, Chief Investment Strategist.

A second stimulus check may be coming: Here’s the No. 1 thing experts suggest you do while you wait

Think about saving differently suggests Patrick S. Donnelly, CFP® in his CNBC Grow interview. He shares 3 practical tips for fostering a lifelong savings habit.

Stimulus 4.0 needs to kick off a real, sustainable recovery. Here’s how to make it happen

What could the next stimulus package look like if it's designed to stimulate the economy? Michael Nathanson, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of The Colony Group, lays out a more sustainable approach to stimulate hiring, investment, and spending using targeted tax policy in his Fox Business article.

‘This will be the quickest recession’: What experts expect of the post-pandemic economic recovery

"Keep an eye on indicators like unemployment numbers and consumer behavior. When people are out and resuming their normal activities, that will be a sign that the country is on the path to recovery," said Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

Top Advisors Give Back During Covid Crisis

How are top advisory firms proving aid during the Covid-19 crises? Raising awareness on why charities need our help now more than ever, hosting a virtual 5K, and encouraging each team member to support local efforts is how The Colony Group continues to help via our Colony Cares program.

7 tips to smoothly end your marriage in the age of coronavirus, where divorce is harder than ever

Our divorce financial specialists Janet Tighe, MBA, CFP®, CDFA®, and Susan Miller, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CDFA® share their advice on how to move forward with a divorce by focusing on what you can control during a pandemic.

How To Avoid Making The Blow Of A Pay Cut Even Worse

Lawyers are not immune to pay cuts during this pandemic. Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group, shares what you should and should not do to adapt to your new normal if your income has been cut.

According to Matt Ilteris, Senior Wealth Adviser of The Colony Group, not only is withdrawing from a retirement account a bad move but refraining from reducing deposits to such accounts may be in a lawyer's best interest if they're able to do so.

35 Ways to Jump-Start Your Emergency Savings

Here's a quick tip to jump-start your emergency savings, "Create shorter-term goals. If $3,000 is one month of expenses, set a goal to try to save 5% to 10% of that amount a month or break it up into weekly deposits," says Jeff Donham CFP®, CLU®, Wealth Advisor of The Colony Group.

Another way to save money for a rainy day is to "Get a credit card that pays points that can be converted to cash. Then deposit that cash into your emergency savings," says Patrick Donnelly, CFP®, Vice President & Senior Wealth Advisor of The Colony Group.

How to Successfully Transition a Family-Owned Business, According to The Colony Group

“The sale of the business is not the end but, in fact, a beginning.” Marshall Rowe, James Fitts, and John Weeks celebrated the release of their new book with Worth Media's Juliet Scott-Croxford as they discussed how to successfully transition a family-owned business.

Instant View: S&P rises above 3,000 level for first time since March

“People have been locked up and when they see sparkles of hope like vaccines, that drives optimism probably ahead of where it should be and clearly ahead of the economy," said Richard Steinberg in Reuters.

Also, published in the New York Times.

Money Fix: Take care when making donations toward pandemic relief

“...using appreciated securities held longer than one year can provide an additional tax benefit. Assuming you itemize deductions, you will receive a tax deduction of the fair market value of the security. In addition, you don’t have to pay tax on the appreciation above your cost basis [the amount they paid for the security],” says Matthew Rapoport.

Your Credit Today

Pam Malek and Amir Malek, of The Colony Group, talk to Angela Setters Bessard on her podcast, Your Credit Today, about what it's like to work and live together. They share the benefits of their merger with The Colony Group.

Tax Strategies for Specified Service Businesses

Navigating the tax rules for specified service businesses can be difficult. Shane Glass of The Colony Group shares some essential tactics around the SSTB rules that may help you optimize your QBI deduction.

What Are Some Safe Investment Options Right Now?

"You either risk not keeping up with your required returns by increasing cash and protecting principal, or you take on more principal risk for a better opportunity to meet long-term targets," said Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

Reallocating Assets After Global Pandemic – What Wealth Managers Say

The Colony Group is advising investors to “focus more on domestic demand” than global trade, said, Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

“We’re looking at strategies that will help the Chinese middle-class consumer paint the inside of their home rather than ones that focus on selling a television made in China to an American consumer,” Blackwell says. “The number one pizza delivery company in India deserves attention, as do online education services in China.”

4 Wall Street experts weigh in on what makes the stock market’s rally so fragile

The second-wave risk was also ignored for psychological reasons, according to Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group. Investors trapped in quarantine saw hope in the prospect of reopening. Such hope fueled a spike in market optimism, but the upswing quickly showed "an element of complacency," Steinberg said.

"It's somewhat of a psychological response to be like, 'can we just get back to normal?'" he said. "The markets are acting like we're going to flip a switch and be back to normal. But the economic reality is not there."

Financial strategies to deploy in tough times

In some ways, this recession is different than those in the past because it was not initially driven by fundamental problems in the economy, says Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owners Services at The Colony Group. Regardless of what’s driving the recession, the best course for most businesses is to keep a focus on maintaining their capital. “Cash is king,” Rowe says. “You want to think about how you can conserve cash, so managing your inventory, reducing your orders, managing cash that way is really crucial.”

COVID-19 hits college savings plans

What should you do if your 529 if affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Wayne Zussman of The Colony Group says, “I am advising my younger clients who usually contribute toward year end to make their annual contributions now, and even consider making two years of contributions to take advantage of the market declines.”

Loss of PPP Expense Deductibility Could Mean Higher Taxes Later

Will businesses that got PPP loans face higher taxes next year? Sean Kelly of The Colony Group uncovers the double-dip double-cross in his article.

Written by Sean Kelly

Rich Steinberg on Markets (Radio)

Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group, discusses the markets with Bryan Curtis and Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia.

One Title That’s Not on My List of Favorite Business Books

In the midst of a pandemic, you might have more time to read. Michael Nathanson shares his top 20 business books and why one popular book didn't make his list.

Written by Michael Nathanson

Protecting Your Female Client’s Assets During Divorce

"Unfortunately, too many divorcees expect to live a similar lifestyle in divorce," Dawn Doebler says. "In doing so, they may be ignoring the financial implications or trade-offs required to afford their lifestyle expenses."

Doebler finds that in working with divorcees, "difficult decisions become easier when someone is clear about the trade-offs between current consumption and the impacts that may have on their long-term financial health."

Why We DO Need to Get Back in the Office

Listen to Michael's interview with David Yas with the Boston Podcast Network.

Retirement in the age of coronavirus

Marshall Rowe, managing director of Northern New England for The Colony Group in Concord, says investors should stick with their long-term investment plan and resist the urge to react to market volatility.

For some, the curveball they have been thrown by the coronavirus may require delaying retirement for a year or two. Rowe says that by deferring retirement for at least six months to a year, people can continue saving for retirement, allow time for their investments to recover and delay drawing on their assets.“That is an extremely powerful and impactful choice to make if they can make it,” he says.

US STOCKS-Wall Street drops on oil price crash, earnings anxiety

“So people are looking to rotate out of names that they don’t think will recover when the market does turn. A lot of money was hiding in utilities and defensive and now they’re starting to peek their head out,” said Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The ColonyGroup, in Reuters and Nasdaq.

‘It feels like the worst has passed now’: What you can expect for your portfolio in 2020

"2020′s returns will ultimately depend on what happens over the next few months," cautions Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group, in Grow by Acorns + CNBC. Learn more about what investors might expect from their portfolios in 2020.

What Financial Experts Are Saying About the Health Crisis

"Unlike past financial crises, this one falls outside many investors’ ‘zones of genius,’” says Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist at The Colony Group, in U.S. News & World Report.

‘It may make sense to go ahead’ and buy the home or car you were saving for, says expert

Feel free to follow through with your plans, provided that your job and financial situation are stable, says Dawn Doebler on Grow by Acorns + CNBC. “Ask yourself: ‘Is this a purchase I was planning on making anyway?’” she advises. If so, “it may make sense to go ahead and get it at a lower price.”

Why are stocks soaring as the economy melts down? Thank the Fed.

"Investors are conditioned for markets to buy dips, and I think it would be problematic if the Fed directly supported the equity market," Rich Steinberg said to Ben Winck in Business Insider. "I think they're going to try to stick to their mandate as much as possible."

The Top Questions Investment Advisors Are Getting Asked Right Now

Dawn Doebler and Michael Nathanson share the top questions clients are asking right now via Worth Media.

25 Best Books to Read During Coronavirus Lockdown, According to Business Leaders

Business leaders tell Worth Media what books they're reading while in quarantine. Guess what book Michael Nathanson is recommending for business owners.

Are Markets Missing Long-Term Pain Lying Ahead?

"You just can't model the virus," says Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group. Steinberg emphasizes that the huge uncertainties at play make monitoring the virus closely justifiably important to Wall Street.

"Markets are looking at what the trends are looking like in some of the hot spots and trying to extrapolate. How does that factor into the reopening of the economy? Don't forget that New York, L.A. and Chicago are 10% of GDP. So that's a really important component," Steinberg says.

When to Buy More Shares and How to Choose What to Buy

Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist at The Colony Group, a national wealth management firm, agrees: “Market timing rarely works out,” he says, “and we believe that investors need to determine the right shares to buy more than the right time to buy more of them.”

He would rather “investors take a measured approach to allocate to new or existing opportunities and are comfortable being ‘a little early’ now and potentially 'a little late’ later by spreading out investments over a number of weeks or even months."

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A Divorce Tax Guide for Financial Advisors

DIVORCE IS EXPENSIVE, and not just where legal fees are concerned. Taxes, if not handled correctly, can also become a costly consequence of splitting up. Thus, many divorcing couples look to a financial advisor to help them through the process.

"Divorce has its own subset of tax laws, so there are some nuances advisors need to be aware of regarding advising clients going through a divorce or who are contemplating a divorce," says Susan Miller, managing director and a senior wealth advisor with The Colony Group in Boston.

U.S. News & World Report logo
Advisors reimagine portfolio construction in a post-coronavirus world

One asset class, in particular, is set to receive the most intense scrutiny, says Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist for The Colony Group. “The coronavirus crisis is likely to be most impactful on fixed income,” Blackwell says.

The Final Round – Yahoo Finance

"You're seeing some level of optimism, just because we've come way off the lows," says Richard Steinberg. "I don't think we're out of the woods yet."

Yahoo Finance logo
US STOCKS-Futures slide as jobless claims top 6 million

“This shows the magnitude and the seriousness of this problem,” said Richard Steinberg, chief market strategist at Colony Group, in Florida. “We’re going to be digesting this for awhile and until the data becomes less worse, we’re going to have lumpiness in trading around these shock-and-awe numbers.”

Reuters logo
Wall Street gains as oil soars 30%

“The surge in crude is helping the mood, so we’re seeing some relief in markets that have been hammered,” said Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group.

Wall Street gains as oil recovery eclipses record weekly jobless claims

“We’re going to be digesting this for a while and until the data becomes less worse, we’re going to have lumpiness in trading around these shock-and-awe numbers,” said Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group.

Utilities Give Back Some Gains As Investors Adjust Portfolios

Shares of power producers gave back some of their recent gains, as investors adjusted portfolios at the end of a punishing quarter. Recent moves are the "combination of a market that's been hammered and pension and endowment rebalancing at the end of the quarter," said Rich Steinberg, chief market strategist at wealth-management firm The Colony Group.

MarketScreener logo
The $2 Trillion Stimulus Bill is Key, Says Analyst

Richard Steinberg explains why the $2 trillion stimulus bill is the metric to watch this week on Cheddar. 

Business books advisors are turning to amid the coronavirus crisis

Great books to help inspire during challenging times. Michael Nathanson shared his choice with Financial Planning magazine.

Financial Planning logo
The ‘Art’ of Passing Down Heirlooms

"Nothing is simple when it comes to tax planning around fine art. A lifetime transfer can work brilliantly to a trust, but you have to consider what the individual inheriting the art is planning to do with it,” said Nadine Lee in Barron's Penta.

Falling Interest Rates Are Tough on Retirees. These Are Your Best Moves

Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at financial-advice firm The Colony Group is telling his clients – many of them retirees in Boca Raton, something very similar. Yields on energy “master-limited partnerships” and some corporate bonds may be tempting, but retirees have to resist the temptation, he said.

“My dad told me, ‘if you reach for yield, you’ll pull a muscle,’” said, citing his father, Norman Steinberg, with whom he co-founded the financial-advice firm that later merged with Colony

How the government is helping workers and businesses during the coronavirus outbreak

"It's not pretty, but it's orderly," Rich Steinberg told Sam Becker on CNBC Grow. As state and local governments, along with the federal government, work out legislation to help workers and businesses, the markets will adjust accordingly, which could further help stabilize things. 

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Investors need to brave ‘ghosts of 2008’ and keep cash ready amid the coronavirus sell-off, top market strategist says

Richard Steinberg offers advice to investors as markets react to the "perfect storm of numerous market pressures" in his interview with Ben Winck in Business Insider.  

Business Insider logo
Dow plunges 1,465 points into bear market as WHO declares pandemic, impatient investors await stimulus package

The market decline serves as an attractive entry point for investors who can stomach short-term volatility, Richard Steinberg told Ben Winck in Business Insider.

Business Insider logo
Why Investors Shouldn’t Worry About Market Corrections

Just as you can brace your portfolio for market shocks, John Schott, nationally recognized for his expertise in the psychology of investing, recommends bracing yourself by building up psychological defenses in U.S. News & World Report.

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There Is No Alternative to Treasuries

“Treasuries have become the de-facto defensive asset for the market. Investors have to make sure they have enough cash on the sidelines to meet whatever their cash needs are for at least the next year,” Richard Steinberg tells Axios.

Axios logo
Breaking down the Fed’s emergency rate cut

Richard Steinberg shares his thoughts on Fed rate cut and the markets on Yahoo Finance 'On The Move.'

Yahoo Finance logo
Market Selloff: Investor strategy amid heightened volatility and record lows

As markets continue to react to coronavirus, Richard Steinberg weighs in on the strategy and psychology that investors should consider in this volatile market. His segment starts at the 3:05 minute-mark on CNBC. 

CNBC logo
ExxonMobil dividend delivers as coronavirus punishes oil prices

“Natural buyers come into high-quality dividend stocks during volatile times which could help smooth the ride for investors,” said Richard Steinberg via Jonathan Garber on Fox Business Network. 

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Another bad sign for the economy: Travel stocks are plunging

Transportation stocks are a leading indicator of anxiety. Travel plans are the first thing that people are canceling, said Richard Steinberg in his interview with Paul La Monica via CNN Business. 

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Financials Down As Risk Aversion Drives 10-Year Yields Near Record Low

Fears can be irrational at times, said Richard Steinberg. "I think when you get into stressful periods like this, people start to extrapolate and make bad decisions." via Rob Curran on Morningstar. 

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Wall Street Is Taking Over Main Street. Morgan Stanley’s Deal for E*Trade Heats Up the Race

These are for-profit organizations that aren't looking to race to zero, said Michael Nathanson in Barron's. Price competition may be creating incentives for brokers to increase revenue in other areas. 

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Top Advisors Weigh In: Zero Commissions Now. New Fees Later?

“In short, it’s had little short-term effect on us, but it has further inspired us to innovate at the fastest rate in our 34-year history,” said Michael Nathanson about zero commissions of online brokerages. 

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The Stretch IRA Strategy Is Largely Gone. Here Are 5 Alternatives to Consider

“There is no cookie-cutter solution to replace the stretch IRA,” says Joseph Salvati, CFP®, in Barron's. “Owners of traditional IRAs will seek alternatives that depend on factors like the size of the IRA, the size of the estate, and current tax rates,” via Cheryl Winokur Munk. 

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Long term investors must cut through short term noise affecting markets, says CIO

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, gives his take on the markets going into 2019.

Erratic news cycles lead to market volatility, investor says

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, joins the ‘Squawk Box’ team to discuss what to expect this week in the markets.

Despite talk on trade and politics, earnings continue to move higher, says strategist

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, joins the ‘Squawk Box’ team to discuss if the market is going to be impacted by the Trump agenda.

Expect this to be an earnings-driven market for the remainder of the year, says pro

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, provides his outlook on the markets amid a strong earnings season.

Pro-business environment will likely keep rally rolling into 2018: Market strategist

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, provides his outlook on the market next year.

Time to evaluate 2018 market expectations: Richard Steinberg

I don’t see a lot of multiple expansion unless a tax deal comes through, says Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, providing his outlook on the markets next year.

Look at value-oriented stocks on pullback: Richard Steinberg

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, weighs in on what’s prompting the shift in market momentum.

Market continues to be a Teflon one, nothing’s sticking: Rich Steinberg

Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist, discusses the market impact from rising tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.