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Seeing Your Company (And Yourself) In 2020

In Michael Nathanson's latest Chief Executive magazine article, he challenges the leadership of companies to reflect on their own code of ethics during these tumultuous times by asking themselves some tough, yet revealing questions. How will you and your company respond to your answers?


Top Advisors Give Back During Covid Crisis

How are top advisory firms proving aid during the Covid-19 crises? Raising awareness on why charities need our help now more than ever, hosting a virtual 5K, and encouraging each team member to support local efforts is how The Colony Group continues to help via our Colony Cares program.


How To Avoid Making The Blow Of A Pay Cut Even Worse

Lawyers are not immune to pay cuts during this pandemic. Michael Nathanson, CEO of The Colony Group, shares what you should and should not do to adapt to your new normal if your income has been cut.

According to Matt Ilteris, Senior Wealth Adviser of The Colony Group, not only is withdrawing from a retirement account a bad move but refraining from reducing deposits to such accounts may be in a lawyer's best interest if they're able to do so.


35 Ways to Jump-Start Your Emergency Savings

Here's a quick tip to jump-start your emergency savings, "Create shorter-term goals. If $3,000 is one month of expenses, set a goal to try to save 5% to 10% of that amount a month or break it up into weekly deposits," says Jeff Donham CFP®, CLU®, Wealth Advisor of The Colony Group.

Another way to save money for a rainy day is to "Get a credit card that pays points that can be converted to cash. Then deposit that cash into your emergency savings," says Patrick Donnelly, CFP®, Vice President & Senior Wealth Advisor of The Colony Group.


Money Fix: Take care when making donations toward pandemic relief

“...using appreciated securities held longer than one year can provide an additional tax benefit. Assuming you itemize deductions, you will receive a tax deduction of the fair market value of the security. In addition, you don’t have to pay tax on the appreciation above your cost basis [the amount they paid for the security],” says Matthew Rapoport.


Your Credit Today

Pam Malek and Amir Malek, of The Colony Group, talk to Angela Setters Bessard on her podcast, Your Credit Today, about what it's like to work and live together. They share the benefits of their merger with The Colony Group.


Reallocating Assets After Global Pandemic – What Wealth Managers Say

The Colony Group is advising investors to “focus more on domestic demand” than global trade, said, Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist.

“We’re looking at strategies that will help the Chinese middle-class consumer paint the inside of their home rather than ones that focus on selling a television made in China to an American consumer,” Blackwell says. “The number one pizza delivery company in India deserves attention, as do online education services in China.”


4 Wall Street experts weigh in on what makes the stock market’s rally so fragile

The second-wave risk was also ignored for psychological reasons, according to Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group. Investors trapped in quarantine saw hope in the prospect of reopening. Such hope fueled a spike in market optimism, but the upswing quickly showed "an element of complacency," Steinberg said.

"It's somewhat of a psychological response to be like, 'can we just get back to normal?'" he said. "The markets are acting like we're going to flip a switch and be back to normal. But the economic reality is not there."


Financial strategies to deploy in tough times

In some ways, this recession is different than those in the past because it was not initially driven by fundamental problems in the economy, says Marshall Rowe, President, Business Owners Services at The Colony Group. Regardless of what’s driving the recession, the best course for most businesses is to keep a focus on maintaining their capital. “Cash is king,” Rowe says. “You want to think about how you can conserve cash, so managing your inventory, reducing your orders, managing cash that way is really crucial.”


COVID-19 hits college savings plans

What should you do if your 529 if affected by the COVID-19 crisis? Wayne Zussman of The Colony Group says, “I am advising my younger clients who usually contribute toward year end to make their annual contributions now, and even consider making two years of contributions to take advantage of the market declines.”


Tech Down As Mommentum Fades — Tech Roundup

Five tech companies, including Apple and, comprise "20% of the S&P 500," said Rich Steinberg. "Those names have to be watched for cracks...If you start to see money flowing out of those names and that creates a snowball effect of people getting out of indexes, it can feed upon itself."


Protecting Your Female Client’s Assets During Divorce

"Unfortunately, too many divorcees expect to live a similar lifestyle in divorce," Dawn Doebler says. "In doing so, they may be ignoring the financial implications or trade-offs required to afford their lifestyle expenses."

Doebler finds that in working with divorcees, "difficult decisions become easier when someone is clear about the trade-offs between current consumption and the impacts that may have on their long-term financial health."


Retirement in the age of coronavirus

Marshall Rowe, managing director of Northern New England for The Colony Group in Concord, says investors should stick with their long-term investment plan and resist the urge to react to market volatility.

For some, the curveball they have been thrown by the coronavirus may require delaying retirement for a year or two. Rowe says that by deferring retirement for at least six months to a year, people can continue saving for retirement, allow time for their investments to recover and delay drawing on their assets.“That is an extremely powerful and impactful choice to make if they can make it,” he says.


Are Markets Missing Long-Term Pain Lying Ahead?

"You just can't model the virus," says Richard Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at The Colony Group. Steinberg emphasizes that the huge uncertainties at play make monitoring the virus closely justifiably important to Wall Street.

"Markets are looking at what the trends are looking like in some of the hot spots and trying to extrapolate. How does that factor into the reopening of the economy? Don't forget that New York, L.A. and Chicago are 10% of GDP. So that's a really important component," Steinberg says.


When to Buy More Shares and How to Choose What to Buy

Jason Blackwell, Chief Investment Strategist at The Colony Group, a national wealth management firm, agrees: “Market timing rarely works out,” he says, “and we believe that investors need to determine the right shares to buy more than the right time to buy more of them.”

He would rather “investors take a measured approach to allocate to new or existing opportunities and are comfortable being ‘a little early’ now and potentially 'a little late’ later by spreading out investments over a number of weeks or even months."

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A Divorce Tax Guide for Financial Advisors

DIVORCE IS EXPENSIVE, and not just where legal fees are concerned. Taxes, if not handled correctly, can also become a costly consequence of splitting up. Thus, many divorcing couples look to a financial advisor to help them through the process.

"Divorce has its own subset of tax laws, so there are some nuances advisors need to be aware of regarding advising clients going through a divorce or who are contemplating a divorce," says Susan Miller, managing director and a senior wealth advisor with The Colony Group in Boston.

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The Final Round – Yahoo Finance

"You're seeing some level of optimism, just because we've come way off the lows," says Richard Steinberg. "I don't think we're out of the woods yet."

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US STOCKS-Futures slide as jobless claims top 6 million

“This shows the magnitude and the seriousness of this problem,” said Richard Steinberg, chief market strategist at Colony Group, in Florida. “We’re going to be digesting this for awhile and until the data becomes less worse, we’re going to have lumpiness in trading around these shock-and-awe numbers.”

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Financials Up Amid Signs of Global Market Stability

"I don't think we're out of the woods yet," said Rich Steinberg, chief market strategist at wealth-management firm The Colony Group.

"I think we're in for more volatility and people are going to be watching all kinds of data points we've never thought about -- in terms of the virus, in terms of how quickly money will get into the hands [of those who need it] from the stimulus, in terms of freeing up technical issues that are in commercial mortgage markets and other mortgage markets."

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Falling Interest Rates Are Tough on Retirees. These Are Your Best Moves

Rich Steinberg, Chief Market Strategist at financial-advice firm The Colony Group is telling his clients – many of them retirees in Boca Raton, something very similar. Yields on energy “master-limited partnerships” and some corporate bonds may be tempting, but retirees have to resist the temptation, he said.

“My dad told me, ‘if you reach for yield, you’ll pull a muscle,’” said, citing his father, Norman Steinberg, with whom he co-founded the financial-advice firm that later merged with Colony


There Is No Alternative to Treasuries

“Treasuries have become the de-facto defensive asset for the market. Investors have to make sure they have enough cash on the sidelines to meet whatever their cash needs are for at least the next year,” Richard Steinberg tells Axios.

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Industrials Down Sharply On Coronavirus Worries

Stock-market bulls are betting on what I would call the v-shaped recovery in China," said Richard Steinberg. Their thinking is "'this is a human tragedy, but it's transitory like other [disasters]. There will be pent-up demand and shipping will catch up." via Rob Curran on Morningstar. 

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