Engaging in Local Philanthropy Through NH Healthy Climate

Engaging in Local Philanthropy Through NH Healthy Climate

As seen in NH Healthy Climate.

The Colony Group and two of its New Hampshire professionals, John F. Weeks, CExP and Indrika Arnold, MSFP, CFP® are delighted to sponsor NH Healthy Climate for the second consecutive year. The organization empowers healthcare workers to educate and mobilize the public in support of climate solutions to improve health for all.

“One of our multi-generational clients is very involved in NH Healthcare Workers and we were pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the family to support this important organization,” said Arnold, who is a Senior Family Wealth Advisor and Principal at TCG in the Concord office.

Weeks, a Managing Director, Family Wealth and Business Transition Planning, who is also in the Concord office, noted that family, philanthropy, and community are of vital importance to clients and TCG’s team in New Hampshire. “This sponsorship allows healthcare workers, who see the effects of climate change on their patients’ physical and emotional health to share the message about this essential work on behalf of New Hampshire residents.”

Weeks is also a long-time supporter of The Nature Conservancy, which also sponsors NH Healthy Climate.

In addition to the health effects of climate change, Arnold and Weeks also noted that quality of life is important to New Hampshire residents and sustaining the environment and natural resources is integral to that.

The sponsorship aligns with TCG’s commitment to its Net Positive Pledge, which seeks to “give more to the world than we take,” and includes tackling systemic change by engaging with communities. In the pledge, TCG commits to “improving the wellbeing of everyone we impact, including our clients, employees, communities, business partners, industry, investors, and planet.”