The Colony Group’s Institutional Practice Certified for Fiduciary Excellence for Ninth-Straight Year

The Colony Group is proud to announce that our Institutional Advisory Practice team has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) for the ninth-straight year. As one of only 135 firms worldwide to achieve the Investment Advisor Certification by CEFEX, The Colony Group subjects itself to this rigorous annual evaluation so that we continue to adhere to industry high standards and demonstrate our commitment to our fiduciary role of putting our clients’ best interests first.

“CEFEX is pleased that The Colony Group continues to be in an elite group of investment advisors who have demonstrated adherence to professional practices that define a standard of fiduciary excellence,” said CEFEX Managing Director Carlos Panksep. “They have earned the right to use the CEFEX Mark which indicates the firm’s established practices are aligned with investors’ interests and worthy of trust and confidence.”

“Continuing our CEFEX certification is validation of our commitment to fiduciary excellence. As we work alongside our clients to help them perpetuate their mission and the important work they do to benefit their communities, it gives them a higher level of assurance,” said Lisa Longest, AIF®, Senior Investment Advisor and a key member of the Institutional Advisory Practice at The Colony Group.

The Colony Group’s Institutional practice first received the CEFEX® Investment Advisor certification in 2010 as a part of CapGroup Advisors, which merged into The Colony Group in 2015.